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Decoration Ideas
Create unique and fun decorations to make your Star Party one of a kind.

Make your own original art gallery or have the party guests do it. Supply paper and watercolors and brushes, permanent markers, map coloring pencils, gel pens or crayons. Frame with heavy paper or draw a frame around the paper. Laminate it with clear self-adhesive plastic or slip it into a clear plastic sleeve. Bingo! You have an instant space art exhibit to hang.

Silver Mylar balloons and silver gift-wrapping ribbon can be used in many ways. Tape the balloons to the ceiling with ribbon hanging down. Paper planets can be attached to the ribbons.

Spaceships can be made using two aluminum pie pans; one inverted on top the other. Before sealing, run a string, ribbon or clear fishing line through the center top of one and use this to hang from the ceiling. Decorate with glitter and glue or use a black permanent marker to draw portholes and doors.

Table Decorations
Table decorations can be made with such things as an aluminum foil table runner, glitter and stars found in the stationery department of your favorite store. Other options are to buy an inexpensive white or light blue tablecloth. Draw space pictures -- stars, planets, astronauts and spaceships, with crayons or permanent markers onto the tablecloth. Washable in cold water on delicate cycle.

Night Party
For an outdoor star gazing party at night, glow in the dark paints can add fun to costumes, banners, picnic table coverings, centerpieces and constellation maps.

Your cake can be baked in an ovenproof bowl. Invert the cake and decorate it to look like a space ship.

More Food Ideas
Food for your Star Party

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