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Grammy-Nominated Musician Visits JSC

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Wednesday, JSC welcomed Moby, a Grammy-nominated musician who has long been interested in space exploration.

"I remember being 4 years old and watching the lunar landing," Moby said.

As part of the visit to JSC, the Space Generation - Houston Advisory Council sponsored an informal discussion with Moby in the Teague Auditorium. More than 400 people attended and asked questions of the recording artist.

Astronauts Tracy Caldwell, Leland Melvin and Drew Feustel moderated the event, chatting with Moby on stage and asking questions submitted by e-mail.

"We're going to get to talk to Moby here. That's pretty cool!" said Shae Saur, an intern in the Engineering Directorate.

The event began with a light show performed to Moby's single "We Are All Made Of Stars," the same song the artist dedicated to NASA employees during his Tuesday night concert at the Verizon Wireless Theater.

During the conversation in Teague Auditorium, Moby described the excitement of his job as a touring musician, comparing it to the work done at NASA.

"Anyone working at NASA has the coolest job on Earth," Moby said. "Everything you guys are doing here is pretty remarkable."

"My head has been filled with more science than it has been since I was about 7 years old," Moby said after completing a tour of JSC.

Moby also boasted about his shuttle flight simulator landing score. Feustel said that his score would stand up to many around NASA. Moby attributed his score to the time he spent playing video games growing up.

"It's refreshing when folks who are recognized as experts in their field express interest in human space exploration," said Dan Carpenter, JSC's director of Public Affairs. "We were excited to invite him to share his ideas about space and show him the work done here. Our workforce is sure to gain from his interest and excitement."

After the event, Moby chatted with attendees, signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans.

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