Perfectly matched: Sci-fi meets spaceflight

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From left: David Mack, David R. George III, Kirsten Beyer, John Connolly (moderator), Dave Galanter, Robert Greenberger and Dayton Ward.
In an interesting turn of events, almost like the twist in a plot of a good book, Johnson Space Center inspired some of the nationís bestselling science fiction writers during a visit to the center on June 28.

Though JSC team members are usually the ones moved to create the implausible by great sci-fi, the writers got to experience the excitement and reality of spaceflight up close and personal with an interactive panel discussion and behind-the-scenes tour. The panel discussion for JSC sci-fi geeks and fiction lovers featured authors Kirsten Beyer, Dave Galanter, David R. George III, Robert Greenberger, David Mack and Dayton Ward. Before and after the panel discussion, the writers visited muses in our famed Mission Control Center, Morpheus, Robotics, spacesuits, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, Astromaterials Laboratory and the Saturn V. Sci-fi authors John Coffren, Peter David, Kevin Dilmore, Amy Sisson, William Leisner and Aaron Rosenberg also attended the tour, though they did not participate in the panel discussion.

Catherine Ragin Williams
Johnson Space Center, Houston


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