Review of ASCAN 2013 applications underway

It was a welcome surprise to get over 6,000 applications for the current selection process. Keeping up with all of this paper is a big job, but we are really organized and want to make sure that no application is missed. The Astronaut Selection Office is currently sorting through those 6,000 applications. We have been matching resumes with forms and transcripts. Some of you have heard from us about issues with the printing of your forms, and we thank you for providing those to us again. If you havenít heard from us, then your application package was fine.

Once we have a complete application package, our staff is reviewing each package to ensure the applicant meets the minimum requirements for the program. The education and work experience information for each applicant will then be entered into our Astronaut Candidate database. We have also begun this process and hope to have every applicant entered into the database by April. The task we have ahead of us immense, but we look forward to each step in the process that will eventually lead to the selection of the Astronaut Candidate Class of 2013.

Teresa Gomez
Johnson Space Center, Houston

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