1st Anniversary of the Patricia Huffman Smith Museum in Hemphill, Texas

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Pictured right to left: Glenda Johnson, Marsha Cooper, Kay Simpson, Lauri Hansen, Belinda Gay and Elijah Williams.
On Jan. 31, JSC’s Integrated Projects and Education Offices conducted an education seminar entitled “So You Think You Have What It Takes to Be an Explorer.” One hundred students from Hemphill Junior High School attended the seminar to learn about NASA space exploration programs (past, present and future), space food and space food careers, and how to use the “space potty.” The message was well received by the students and teachers.

(Photo credit: Glenda Johnson)
(Photo credit: Glenda Johnson)
JSC’s Integrated Projects Office also attended the 9th Memorial Service of Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) and the 1st Anniversary of the Patricia Huffman Smith Museum, “Remembering Columbia,” in Hemphill, Texas, on Feb. 1. JSC’s chief of staff, Lauri Hansen, was the guest speaker and shared remarks on gratitude for the efforts of the people of Hemphill and the future direction of JSC. The memorial service was attended by 100 members of the community, local officials and NASA-JSC representatives who stayed and greeted attendees and thanked them for their continued support in keeping the memory of the crew of Columbia and future Space Exploration alive.

Glenda Johnson
Johnson Space Center, Houston

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