NASA’s Driven To Explore exhibit aspires to inspire

NASA’s Driven to Explore (DTE) exhibit provides an interactive learning experience for the public. This mobile multimedia experience showcases the Shuttle Program, the progress of the International Space Station and benefits of space exploration leading into NASA’s next major program, Constellation. The walking tour includes breathtaking imagery and state-of-the-art models of the Constellation Program’s next-generation launch vehicles and human spacecraft destined for use to explore the moon and beyond.

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NASA's Driven to Explore exhibit draws crowds of visitors.
In the spring of 2009, DTE and its team of communicators and educators set out, traveling thousands of miles across the United States. Striving to inform and inspire, the self-contained interactive exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to touch a 3 billion-year-old moon rock, the exhibit’s main attraction, which was brought back by Apollo 17 in 1972 during the last manned mission to the moon.

Visitors also get to learn more about the development of America’s next-generation launch vehicles, as well as what it will take to sustain a working and living outpost on the moon. From schools and universities to science centers and museums, DTE takes NASA to a diverse audience, delivering a personal experience by nurturing public interest in human exploration, and encouraging students to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering and math.

Inside NASA's Driven to Explore exhibit, visitors learn about the space program and have the chance to touch a moon rock.
Inside NASA's Driven to Explore exhibit, visitors learn about the space program and have the chance to touch a moon rock.
At the recent Kansas State Tour, April 4 to 18, the exhibit traveled more than 1,014 miles across Kansas, visiting five cities (Hutchinson, Wichita, Lawrence, Abilene and Salina). Approximately 6,000 visitors have had this educational and inspiring experience. DTE has generated more than 2,883,941 media impressions. Three educational programs have been featured, via NASA’s Digital Learning Network, with two venues, engaging nearly 200 students and educators.

Also on the Kansas tour, Astronaut Steve Bowen signed autographs for the exhibit’s visitors while it was at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. During the visit to Lawrence, the exhibit was the highlighted feature of the University of Kansas’ Open House for area high school seniors. The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum hosted a reception and preview of the exhibit, inviting former President Eisenhower’s family members.

Next stop for DTE is Oklahoma where the team will be visiting various museums and the University of Oklahoma, carrying on the goal to educate and inspire present and future generations of explorers.

Follow the trailer by visiting http://www.nasa.gov/exploration/outreach/exhibit_Driven_to_Explore_Trailer.html or http://www.twitter.com/NASA

Neesha Hosein
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