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NASA show, filmed at JSC, nominated for Emmy

An episode of NASA CONNECT, an educational program aimed at sixth- through eighth-graders, was recently nominated for the highest honor in television -- an Emmy Award.

The episode is entitled “Better Health From Space to Earth" and received several awards in addition to the Emmy nomination: the Silver Screen Award at the 37th Annual U.S. International Film and Video Festival Awards Ceremony, the Columbus International Film and Video Festival Award and a bronze AXIEM award. The AXIEMs recognize “Absolute eXcellence In Electronic Media.”

“The episode addressed food and fitness from the astronauts’ point of view,” said Monica Trevathan, education specialist with Tietronix Software, Inc. “The students learn what it takes to keep an astronaut healthy in space, but then we bring it back and apply it to their everyday lives on Earth.” Tietronix’s Human Health and Performance Education Outreach team, formerly the Bioastronauntics Education Outreach team, helped produce the episode.

NASA CONNECT consists of three integrated segments: a 30-minute television broadcast, an educator guide describing a hands-on activity and an interactive Web activity. While NASA CONNECT is produced at Langley Research Center, the honored episode was shot in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at Johnson Space Center.

Based on the numerous honors that this episode received, Trevathan said that plans are in place to submit future episodes for similar awards.

“This episode will be a hard act to follow,” she said. The team will try to do just that with its next installment, entitled “Good Stress: Building better muscles and bones.” It is scheduled to air on NASA-TV on Oct. 21. Continuing the health theme, another future episode will address sleep and circadian rhythms.

For more information on NASA CONNECT, visit:

Kendra Phipps
Johnson Space Center, Houston
(281) 483-9268

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