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JSC Safety and Health recognition luncheon

The first annual JSC Safety and Health Recognition Luncheon was held July 10 in the Gilruth Center ballroom. Yolanda Marshall, Director of Safety and Mission Assurance, welcomed the attendees and commended them on their commitment to safety and health. Both JSC Director Jefferson D. Howell, Jr. and Deputy Director Randy Stone spoke at the event, which recognized JSC employees and organizations for their contributions to Center safety efforts. Below is a list of this year’s honorees.

Organizational Citations

Greg Grant, Human Resources Development Branch; Teresa Sullivan, Human Resources Operations Branch; Wayne Miner, Office of the Chief Information Officer; Amy Voigt LeConey, Legal Office; Jennifer Aranda, Legal Office; Beth Nischik, Public Affairs Office; Beth Weissinger, Public Affairs Office; Delene Sedillo, Office of Procurement; Krystine Bui, Office of Procurement; Angela Mouton, Flight Crew Operations Directorate, Aviation Safety; Judy Rickard, Flight Crew Operations Directorate, Astronaut Payload Safety; Dan Sedej, Mission Operations Directorate, Space Flight Training Division; Bert Davila, Mission Operations Directorate, Space Flight Training Division; Robert Durkin, Mission Operations Directorate, Neutral Buoyancy Office; Pat Davis, Mission Operations Directorate, Flight Director Office; Mike Downey, Engineering Directorate, Energy Systems Division; Steve Martin, Engineering Directorate, Crew and Thermal Systems Division; Garlan Moreland, Engineering Directorate, Automation, Robotics, and Simulation Division; Bill Sherborne, Engineering Directorate; John Priddy, Lockheed Martin Information Technology, OAO Corporation; Brenda Sturman, Information Systems Directorate, Customer Support Office; Dennis Perrin, Center Operations Directorate; Robert Smith, Wackenhut Services Inc.; Janice Hall, Office of the Chief Financial Officer; Dedra Wynne, GB Tech, Inc.; Kim Ess, Space Shuttle Program, Flight Crew Equipment and CFE Management Office; Al Ong, Space Shuttle Program, Customer Integration office; Karon Woods, Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance Office, Space Station Division; Susan Hamel, Information Technology Management, GHG Corporation; Pat Gailord, International Space Station Program, Avionics and Software Office; Mary Williams, International Space Station Program, Vehicle Office, United Space Alliance; Sergio Rojas, White Sands Test Facility, Honeywell; Melanie Galt, White Sands Test Facility, Honeywell; Kathryn Spicer, Biological Systems Office, Wyle; Larry Spector, Space and Life Sciences Directorate, Habitability and Human Factors; Rosie Hernandez, Space Communications Integration Office; D. Ho, Space Communications Integration Office-Consolidated Space; Anh Huynh, EVA Project Office; Marc Ciupitu, EVA Project Office; Hamilton Sunstrand.

The following individuals have made tremendous contributions to our JSAT organization, going beyond the call of serving on the team:

Rindy Carmichael, Bob Gaffney, Sheilla Goldberg, Brenda Lancaster, Delores Marshall, Janis Wenzel, Polly Aucoi.

Honorable Mention:

Sean Keprta, Stacy Mennard, Stacey Nakamura, Kim Steele, James Taylor.

Kendra Phipps
Johnson Space Center

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