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''1000 people behind the Station''

STS111-373-001 (15 June 2002) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and a blue and white Earth, the ISS is now separated from the Space Shuttle Endeavour following the undocking of the two spacecraft over western Kazakhstan.
STS111-373-001 (15 June 2002) --- Backdropped by the blackness of space and a blue and white Earth, the ISS is now separated from the Space Shuttle Endeavour following the undocking of the two spacecraft over western Kazakhstan.
To celebrate the 1,000th day of human presence onboard the International Space Station, we asked JSC Employees to participate in a JSC Features article to highlight the many people at JSC who have contributed to this great achievement. Take a moment to read their responses and learn about the wide variety of ways that JSC employees support the ISS. Thanks to all employees who participated. Enjoy!

Name: Julio C. Acevedo Company: NASA JSC Job: Perform liaison role as single Logistics and Maintenance interface between the IPs and NASA ISS Program Office, and other L&M participants. Develop, coordinate, negotiate and ensure compliance with all Logistics and Maintenance agreements in ISS joint agreement documents with the International Partners/Participants.

Name: Reza Aghili Job: "We shake'em bebe, we shake'em gooood!" Vibration testing is part of flight hardware certification process. Here in the vibration facility (B49), workmanship on the hardware is proven, and qualification for a certain number of flights is examined. Space Station hardware like other space related hardware has been tested in this lab to ensure their survival during lift off vibrations.

Name: Mark Albores Company: Lockheed MartinJob: Payload System Engineer. As a Payload Systems Engineer for the Human Research Facility, I am responsible for activating/deactivating the HRF flight hardware and providing on-console support during the crew's experiment operations aboard the International Space Station.

Name: George Aldrich Company: HTSI at JSC in Las Cruces Job: Chemical Technician. I have been a volunteer of the Odor Panel for 30 years. I have a record of 766 odor tests which ensures that sour supplies and putrid products don't make it into space with our brave astronauts. I hope this makes the astronauts breath a little easier on the ISS.

Name: Jim F. Alexander Company: NASAJob: As a member of the ISS International Partners Office team, I assist in the integration of International Partner activities into the program, principally those of the Japanese and European space agencies, and negotiate barter and reimbursable agreements.

Name: Macresia L. AlibaruhoCompany: NASA Job: Onboard Data Interfaces and Networks Officer (ODIN)- Flight Controller

Name: Ginger Allee Company: United Space Alliance Job: When a safety hazard is defined on the International Space Station, my job is to assign the hazard to an evaluator to be resolved by writing a procedure, creating a flight rule, or by training the crew.

Name: Tom Allen Company: NASA (MOD/DV6)Job: ISS Reconfiguration Delivery Manager. Currently working in the Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) for the International Space Station (ISS) Avionics Reconfiguration Division (DV6). I am responsible for the configuration management and delivery of all ISS command, telemetry, and flight software products to MOD facilities. I also participate in the coordination and integration of flight software requirements to support the objectives of ISS mission operations. Sometimes I am involved in developing software requirements for ISS reconfiguration tools that were developed as part of the ISS Mission Automated Reconfiguration System (IMARS).

Name: Sheik S. Alli Company: UnitedSpaceAlliance Job: I support the ISS Program Manifest Team. I serve as a focal point in the integration of Shuttle and International Partner vehicle manifests. I’m responsible for overseeing and assessing engineering issues affecting the manifesting function and work with the NASA community and International Partners to identify issues and negotiate solutions/recommendations.

Name: Roger Anderson Company: Aerotek Job: CDH hardware Subsystem Manager support. I currently work for engineering directorate supporting NASA Command and Data Handling subsystem manager, responsible for support of all ISS MDM's, data bus networks and related payload data processing hardware.

Name: Scott Andrea Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Design Engineer. I have designed tools for on-orbit assembly and safety wires for spacewalks, decals for Node 2, and flight experiments to develop techniques for travel and assembly of the space station.

Name: Pierre-Arnaud Ansel Company: Tietronix Software, Inc. (DV) Job : Robotics Software Engineer. To contribute to the Station program, I work on RSAD, a software onboard the space Station that guides astronauts moving the Robotic Arm. I participate in the development and support trainings and missions when necessary. The software helps reducing the cost of operation and training for the robotic Arm and increases the efficiency and safety onboard.

Name: Brion J. Au Company: United Space Alliance (USA) Job: EarthKAM Operations Manager. I coordinate the support from countless NASA personnel, from The ISS Crewmembers, Flight Control/Payload Operations Team to telecommunication technicians in making EarthKAM a tremendously successful payload "To Inspire the Next Generation of Explorers… As Only NASA Can.” The EarthKAM payload in 11 onboard operations has enabled students, participating from middle-schools around the globe to capture over 8,300 images from “Alpha” for classroom research.

Name: Kira Bacal, MD, PhD Company: UTMB/Wyle Labs Job: Health Care Systems Development. My work is improving ISS clinical capabilities, or as one friend says, “building a better sickbay for Dr. McCoy!” There’s no physician up there yet, let alone a sickbay, but to safeguard our crew we must be prepared for illnesses and injuries. I identify how to do that.

Name: Russ Bachtel Company: Lockheed-Martin Job: Data & Controls Systems Section Manager. The team I work with supports an assortment of ground based tests. Our primary function is to operate the data and controls element of several space environmental simulation test facilities. This testing provides data for both ISS hardware evaluation and qualification.

Name: Jack Bacon Company: NASA Job: VIPER team. I volunteer in the off hours nearly 100 times per year to tell the public about the ISS through all forms of NASA outreach. It's easy to stay passionate about what we're doing because I see the dream ignite and grow out in the public several times per week.

Name: Dan Bahadorani Job: ISS SPAN Managers Team Lead. Been involve with the Space program @JSC for over 25 years, started as Communication and Tracking engineer in building 44. Communication Carrier Assembly (CCA) refer to Snoopy Cap, The Launch and Entry Helmet and several types of headsets presently in use by the crew and support teams were among some of my projects. I was here to share the excitements in the launch of the STS-1, The launch of the first element of the ISS and have been supporting the crew on board the station since Increment-1. I also was here to share the sorrow and disappointments in the loss of the Challenger and Columbia and their crew. At the present I lead a team of the Spacecraft Analysis Managers (SPAN) in charge of the Mission Information System (MIS) at Mission Control.

Name: Angel L. Barril Job: Environmental Technician. I contribute to the crew and JSC personnel health by monitoring site and training facilities by collecting laboratory samples for potential bacteriological and environmental hazards at Ellington Field, JSC(site & galley mock ups) and the NBL Pool. Healthy crews and healthy support personnel has made the ISS a success.

Name: Daniel W. Barineau Company: Lockheed MartinJob: Stowage development engineer/manager. I help coordinate, design, develop, and fly all of the stowage and resupply related items for the Human Research Facility racks. I'm also helping to develop stowage for the upcoming MARES rack, and the ISS Biotechnology Facility racks.

Name: John-David BartoeCompany: NASA Johnson Space CenterJob: Research Manager, International Space Station Program

Name: Stefany BartzCompany: Barrios TechnologyJob: Systems Analyst, Information Systems Analysis & Integration Team Contract (ISAC)My group provides support for over 20 applications/databases that pertain to the International Space Station. This includes software testing, application documentation, user training, and customer support for ISS users at various NASA centers and IP locations.

Name: Jack Baston Company: USA Job: Internet Applications Developer. What I do to support the International Space Station is tobuild Web sites like the Increment Operations Plan (IOP) sitethat plans the station's activities.

Name: Liz BauerCompany: NASAJob: Project manager for engineering and integration of the Human Research Facility (HRF). My group developed and delivered Rack 1, the first facility class payload, which launched on STS-102 in March 2001. We launched several experiment systems and delivered Rack 2 to continue successful completion of life sciences research in space.

Name: Charlie Bautsch Company: Hernandez Engineering, Inc. (Lockheed Martin contract) Job: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Engineering -- Electronic equipment aboard the ISS and Shuttle can malfunction if not designed to minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI). The EMC Testing and Analysis program at JSC is designed to ensure that all station and vehicle systems perform properly in their electromagnetic environments.

Name: Pete Beauregard Company: NASA Job: As Chief of the Space Flight Training Division I have the responsibility and good fortune to direct and work with the folks that plan and conduct the training for the Expedition Crews and ISS flight controllers. To very soon reach the point of training across all of the International Partners will be especially rewarding.

Name: Leo Benal Job: I represented the Engineering Directorate as a voting member on the Space Station Safety Review Panel as a voting member. Coordinated the assessments/evaluations of numerous Space Station Experiments/Elements using the Engineering Directorates support team to perform these assessments in order to assure safety of flight.

Name: Michael Blane Company: United Space Alliance Job: SSC Engineer. I work with the group responsible for the Station Support Computers and the Operations LAN. The crew uses these computers to retrieve their timelines, procedures, and email. I write programs to update data and other programs on the laptops. I also work on console to support the crew.

Name: Mark Bender Company: DynCorp JSD Job: Mark Bender manages the computerized maintenance program used to maintain the Shuttle training aircraft and G-II fleet. He administers a Quality Deficiency Reporting system and works with the Air Force and contractors to ensure aeronautical components are manufactured and overhauled to NASA’s rigid standards. Additionally, Mark is a CPR/AED instructor.

Name: Chris Bennett, Andrew Montpool, Sylvain Carriere Company: Neptec International Job: Operations Engineers. We support the Space Station by providing expertise in the areas of mission design, crew training, real-time support and test and integration activities for the Space Vision System (SVS). The SVS is used to provide critical 3-dimensional data to the crew during the final phase of robotics operations required for ISS assembly.

Name: Elizabeth Bloomer Company: NASA Job: ISS Robotics Instructor. I was the lead SSRMS instructor for Expedition 5. My crews installed the MBS (MSS Base System) and the S1 Truss with the SSRMS. They also supported numerous EVAs during docked ops.

Name: Leon Blum Company: NASA, JSC Job: Alternate Center Export Administrator. "What do you do to support the International Space Station?" The Export Services Team (EST) supports export activities for ISS. The EST provides training, guidance and direct assistance to ensure that ISS activities are in compliance with export control regulations. We provide guidance using the regulations and apply for licenses as needed.

Name: Michael Boggs Company: NASA Job: Operations Lead. I'm a Houston Support Group(HSG) Operations Lead. I lead of team of certified ISS flight controllers who work in MCC-Moscow. Our team helps coordinate and negotiate ISS real-time operations with the Russians. In the event that MCC-H has to shutdown, the HSG provides the backup control capability of the USOS.

Name: Kathryn Bolt Company: USAJob: ISS EPS/TCS Systems Instructor. I train individuals on specifics of the ISS core systems, I prepare materials to support crews on-orbit (such as training manuals and schematics), and I am a member of a team that is responsible for full scale simulations designed to prepare crew members and flight controllers for upcoming missions.

Name: Timothy Bond Company: NASA JSC Job: I am responsible for portions of the Thermal Control System on ISS for the Engineering Directorate, including external ammonia lines, radiators, fluid Quick Disconnects (QDs), and other various TCS hardware. I have been involved in testing and preparation for flight of hardware at KSC and in providing engineering support for the mission and dealing with any problems experienced.

Name: Karen Borski Company: Lockheed Martin Job: As liason between NASA and life sciences researchers at external universities, I ensure science experiments are performed as required, including procedures development, training astronauts, supporting console during inflight activities and managing documentation and logistics. I also archive science data during and after a mission in NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive.

Name: Mark Bowman Company: NASA Job: I’m a Payload Integration Specialist in the Hardware Engineering Integration section of the International Space Station Payloads Office. My job is to assure the effective integration of payloads from the U.S. and IPs into launch vehicles and pressurized elements of the ISS. This involves managing interface definition and verification activities.

Name: Matthew Boyd Company: SAIC Job: Project Integrator. I am working with engineers to support the Spacecraft Integration Element under the OSP Contract. We provide technical expertise and programmatic leadership for activities related to the human systems aspects of an orbital space plane capability.

Name: Tim Braithwaite Company: Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Job: Lead ROBO (ISS robotics flight control officer) for assembly missions: 5A.1, 7A.1, UF-2, and 1-E. Supporting on-going ISS robotics operations from MCC-Houston. Supervisor of CSA's mission controller cadre - a group of ISS robotics flight controllers distributed between JSC (resident in MOD) and St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada.

Name: David G. Branham Company: Lockheed Martin (Space Operations)Job: I'm am a Purchasing Representative SR that procures several commodities, but specialize primarily in buying custom "built to print" space flight articles from engineering drawings. I interface and deal directly with companies nationwide in order to meet NASA's fabricated hardware needs.

Name: Lenox Allen Brewer Company: NASA/JSCJob: OD/Avionics and Software Office/SDIL Manager. Mr. Brewer serves in the Avionics & Software Office as the manager of the Software Development and Integration Laboratories (SDIL). Mr. Brewer Manages the overall Integration and operations of the Software Development and Integration Laboratories (SDIL). In this capacity, he is responsible for ensuring the labs have the necessary software and hardware capabilities integrated, tested and certified on a schedule which supports the ISS program needs in the area of integration, test (FQT,MEIT dry runs, STAGE), and flight anomaly resolution.

Name: Robbie Brewington Company: Muniz Engineering Incorporated Job: ISS International Partner Shipping Coordinator. I coordinate shipping US Flight Hardware to Russia for launch, Russian flight hardware to the US for launch or return, and developing the shipping plans for the HTV and ATV. I work with the hardware providers, the Russians, USA/FCE, the 421 Bond Room and JSC Transportation. It's a great job.

Name: Bill Bridges/OC Company: NASA/ISS Program Office Job: Lead, OC Mission Integration and Operations Schedules and Templates. Responsible for the ISS Mission Integration Template, documented in SSP 50489, containing the generic mission integration and operations schedule templates for the ISS missions launched on various launch vehicles (Shuttle, Soyuz Launcher, Ariane 5, and HII) using various carrier modules and vehicles (MPLM, Spacehab, Soyuz, Progress, ATV, and HTV).

Name: James (Jim) Brock Company: Lockheed-Martin Job: Design and build DST (Desktop Skills Trainer) tools like switch panels for SSRMS training.Assist in operations and maintenance of the MRMDF (Multi-use Remote Manipulator Development Facility) for SSRMS training.

Name: Paul Brockman Company: CSOC Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: HSR SA Lead. Our SA team provides System Administration support for the Missionenvironment in the Houston Support Room in Moscow. We also participate with our Russian partners in testing the Backup Command & Control capability on a regular basis for BCC activation. It is great to be part of this program and see this milestone reached.

Name:Scott Browns Company: NASA Job: Network Engineer. I am an engineer for the JSC campus data network. I am responsible for network design, operations, and introducing new networking technologies, such as wireless communications. I support the International Space Station by ensuring that the JSC data network meets their communication needs.

Name: Krystine Bui Job: ISS Procurement. My duty is to ensure our engineers and scientists receive timely contractual support, whether in obtaining a very small piece of tool or intricate research from prime and subcontractors to help build the ISS. I'm proud and glad to be part of this team.

Name: Edward M. Burns Company: NASA Job: IP Avionics & Software Integration Manager for NASDA (JEM/CAM)

Name: Karen Bush Company: United Space Alliance Job: I support ISS console operations in the GEMINI - TITAN position. I am responsible for guidance, navigation, attitude control and propellant functions along with the onboard computer systems and telemetry interfaces and all the communications to and within the vehicle. I support midnight and weekend shifts.

Name: Anthony J. Butina, Sr. Company: NASA Job: Manager, ISS Logistics and Maintenance. Manage the Space Station's Logistics and Maintenance Branch Office. Responsible for ensuring that all the necessary resources are in place to perform maintenance on failed systems and hardware.

Name: Paul Campbell Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Project Manager

Name: Joe Cavazos Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: Senior Electronics Engineer. My primary responsibility is designing of high-speed electronic circuits and writing of firmware, for a fiberoptic communication system, used to transport data between the Electronic System Test Laboratory and Mission Control, SAIL, and Sonny Carter Training Facility during development tests of Space Station and Space Shuttle Communications Systems.

Name: Center Operations Support Services (COSS)Company: DynCorp - A CSC CompanyJob: COSS employees provide the backbone for all NASA activities that support the International Space Station. We provide all center operations and mission support services at JSC, Ellington Field and SCTF including utility operations, facilities management, custodial services, grounds maintenance, transportation, property and supply, rigging and heavy hauling, and engineering/construction support.

Name: Kendra Phipps Company: InDyne, Inc. Job: Roundup Editor. I manage the day-to-day operations of the Space Center Roundup, which frequently includes stories on ISS crews, missions and elements. I'm proud to put together stories that inform people across the country about the ISS, and that will be looked back on by future generations when they research the early days of the Station!

Name: Joe Chambliss Company: NASA Job: Deputy ISS ATCS System Manager. I lead portions of the efforts to develop, and fly the ISS ATCS. My efforts relate to the team coordination and direction needed for design, issue identification and resolution. I lead several teams related to parts of the ATCS including Internal Active Thermal Control system and coolant chemistry issue resolution, Fluid Line Repair, EVA tools development and manifesting and operations relating to ATCS, GFE development of items in support of ATCS.

Name: William Chastain Company: Lockheed Martin Job: I am a project manager supporting the Biomedical Systems Division located at JSC. We provide flight and development hardware fabrication, bonded stores, logistics, safety, and facilities support to the various EB Division projects.

Name: Belinda Chavez Company: United Space Alliance Job: ISS S&MA Quality Assurance Specialist. I ensure ISS QA requirements are established and enforced, clarifying QA requirements for suppliers and recommending actions (to ship or not to ship, to request corrective/preventive action or initiate a verbal CAR, accept as-is or request a higher level of approval, i.e., the requirement is met or not) to ensure the safety of the ISS Vehicle and Crew.

Name: Kay Cheatham Company: HEI Job: Configuration Management Analyst. Configuration Management support to the NASA Chair of the Joint Software Review Panel (JSRP) in support of the Avionics and Software Office. This position is in support of the Engineering Analysis Support (EAS) Contract under Lockheed Martin. This task requires coordination and maintenance of Space Station Software Change Reports (SCRs) between NASA and Boeing Co-Chairs.

Name: Samia : Lockheed_Martin Job: Human Factors Design Engineer. As a graphics engineer, I worked in the design of many modules, the most unique effort is being involved in the evaluation of over 13 different designs of Cupolas. When the station is finished and is in full operation, I will be very proud I helped design something really out of this world!

Name: Karen Chisholm Company: United Space Alliance. Job: I work in the Flight Director Office providing meeting support to Flight Directors for both Station and Shuttle, and I implement Change Requests to Flight Rules for both Station and Shuttle. Working in the Space Program is great! :-)

Name: Toni Clark Job: Licensed Professional Engineer. I practice electrical engineering and do design work that benefit ongoing station and shuttle operations as well as helping to develop systems that may be used in the future. My daily work some days includes engineering analysis to help build up and certify appliances to be used on ISS. I also help with controls and power design on projects that help researchers develop future environmental control systems for ISS. My husband, Matt Clark is also an electrical engineer who does work that supports the space station. He is a programmer and his main software program is the shuttle tracking display in the Mission Control Center. This program is capable of not only tracking the space shuttle but also the ISS and many other satellites. He also wrights software programs that are support programs for various functions in the MCC.

Name: Jane B. Clarke-James Company: TechTrans International, Inc. Job: English Language Instructor in the JSC Language Education Center (Building 12). My colleagues and I help prepare cosmonauts, astronauts, and other space professionals to meet their everyday, technical, and work-related communication needs, primarily in Russian and English. Using the latest language training technology and authentic technical training materials, our students develop the language skills critical to their mission and on-the-job tasks.

Name: Nicole Cloutier-Lemasters Company: NASAJob: In the Public Affairs Office, I primarily work on sharing our stories and news about the Space Station with the community and public. We have a concentrated effort working to increase awareness of the Space Station, its objectives and the crew onboard with people all over the country. And day by day, through our work with the media, I think we are reaching people who might otherwise never known about the fascinating work being done in space.

Name: Ken Cockrell Company: NASA Job: Director of Operations, Russia. I work in a small NASA staff in Star City, Russia, whose job is to take care of the US crew members that are training for ISS flights here at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. We provide them housing and make sure they have all they need for flight preparation.

Name: Cynthia Collins Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: Graphic Designer. I design and create a broad range of graphics and illustrations, both technical and creative, for the Human Research Facility (HRF) and the scientific research being done by the astronaut crews on-board ISS, covering hardware, experiments, training, and presentations to improve the astronaut's journeys into space.

Name: Jack Colopy Job: After "Freedom" I found a billet in Procurement that was fun, challenging, and worthwhile. But I was no longer working on Station, or so I thought. One day I reviewed some of the work I had done; Parametric Estimating, projects like "TVIS", purchase orders written, contracts administered. It all related to Station &/or Shuttle.

Name: Elton Comer Company: Lockheed MartinJob: Information Technology Representative. I'm one of those who work in the background, keeping things running smoothly, technology-wise. I try to keep the networks communicating, the workstations up, the problems down, and the users happy (well capable of doing work!). Great job and lots of toys to play with. "You gotta love it!!!"

Name: Carolynn Conley Company: Muniz Engineering, Inc. Job: ISS Amateur Radio Integration Manager coordinating hardware delivery, crew training, operations, and school contact scheduling. Seven expedition crews used amateur radio on voluntary time to talk to 106 schools in 17 nations, touching over 32,000 children and attracting local news media to the schools, informing states and countries about ISS.

Name: David B. Cook Company: Barrios Technology Job: I oversee the work being done by the prime ISS contractor to certify commands and telemetry before they are used on the ISS.

Name: Jodi Corbett Company: DynCorp JSD Job: Jodi Corbett is DynCorp’s Documentation Management Coordinator, who ensures that all technical publications related to the astronaut aircraft fleet at Ellington Field remain current and available to technicians when performing maintenance. She maintains a database which consists of almost 5,000 technical documents from vendors, the military, and NASA sources.

Name: David W. Crook Company: USA Job: I work in Mission Control as PHALCON, operating the ISS Electrical Power System and have worked 9 assembly missions (4 as lead). Our solar arrays and batteries power everything that runs on the Station. I have logged well over 5000 hours of console support for ISS operations.Name: Fred Cuevas Job: I am a Payload Engineer in Reconfiguration Requirements for payloads that fly on every flight that flys to the ISS. Have worked for United Space Alliance and Rockwell for 18 years. Worked for Lockheed For 11 years. Started as a NASA contractor on June 6, 1966.

Name: Phil Curell Company: NASAJob: I'm an Operations Support Officer (Space Station Flight Controller, call-sign "OSO") in charge of ISS mechanisms and maintenance. I'm also one of the Crew Instructors in charge of teaching the crew how to outfit the Node-MPLM Vestibule which includes connecting jumpers between modules and operating hatches.

Name: David C. Huber Company: Raytheon Aerospace Engineering Services Job: Mechanical Engineer. I, with fellow Raytheon employees, design the SSTF at JSC. We transform training requirements into working simulators to help the astronauts train for Station equipment failures and solutions before facing them during real-time situations in space. I have personally and proudly been involved since the inception of Space Station Freedom.

Name: Craig Davidson Job: A while back, after working for several years of managing the Communications System with an outstanding team of professionals in MOD, Engineering, and the ISS Program Office to squeeze out the last bit of performance while still reducing costs, my boss came to me with an offer. He said that with the ISS core systems half way complete and science payload hardware development progressing, its time to create an integration team to make sure that the software interfaces between the Core system computers (MDMs) and the science racks work smoothly. So we took up the challenge. Today the Payload Software Control Panel manages the integration of all science experiments that require commanding or telemetry. Members of the Panel also consult with the Advanced Communications Working Group and the Integrated Station LAN team to develop plans to improve the science data bandwidth to the ground and to simplify operations of payloads.

Name: Melissa Davis Company: Media Services Job: Senior Communications Specialist. It's my honor to help tell the story of the amazing International Space Station and the people who make it happen. It is with tremendous pride that I am able to be part of such an incredible space adventure!

Name: DLO Team Job: The Distance Learning Outpost brings the ISS to classrooms all over the world through education modules presented by video conferencing. We interact live with students discussing the aspects of space flight, space science and research, and living aboard the ISS answering their questions about food, habitability, microgravity, robotics, imagery, communications, and training. Our goal: To inspire the next generation of explorers as only NASA can...sharing the International Space Station with students around the globe allows us to do just that!

Name: Roseann Drake Company: Hernandez Engineering, Inc. Job: I support the Lockheed Martin SEAT contract as part of the Safety and Mission Assurance (S & MA) department. I am employed as a Quality Control Engineer which oversees a number of projects and tasks related to hardware manifested for the Space Station.

Name: Denise A. Duling Company: InDyne, Inc Job: Mission Video. Our TEAM works seven days a week, 365 days a year in support of all ISS downlink video. When the crew is awake, we are here. We put together the core packages of news from Earth that are sent up to the crew bi-weekly.

Name: Edward Shumilak Company: ISS Vehicle Office (ret)Job: S0 Element Engineer and special projects development, test and implementation manager.

Name: Hap Ehlers Company: Johnson Engineering Job: Manager Stowage Integration Systems - Provide software design and support for the launch and return of cargo items destined for the Station. This software contains volume and CG configuration data.

Name: Brett Elliott Company: USA Job: Technical Lead (PCS Software Development Team). I write displays software for the Portable Computer System (PCS). I also support the display designers with various tools they need to design the over 6000 displays needed on the PCS for telemetry and commanding of the International Space Station.

Name: Todd Elliott Company: Wyle Laboratories Job: Cell Scientist. I work in Cell Science Development & Transition. Our department has supported experiments, such as BDS and CBOSS, and we have bright future ahead with the development of the Biotechnology Facility. This work will enlighten our knowledge of biology, which we could use to improve life on Earth and beyond.

Name: David Endsley Company: United Space Alliance Job: My job is to train flight controllers and crew on the Command & Data Handling system for the ISS using classrooms, the PTT, and the SSTF. Name: Dean EpplerCompany: Science Applications International CorporationJob: Science lead on the team that upgraded the USL window, and has been developing the Window Observational Research Facility (WORF) rack. We're entering the best phase of the program: the rack is ready to fly, payloads are in development, and we'll start using ISS to solve problems on the ground.

Name: Erica Berry-Lozano Company: United Space Alliance Job: Creating/maintaining ISS displays for the Portable Computer System I work with a team of developers who create graphical displays (and icons) for the ISS. The crew can use these displays to receive telemetry, send commands, and much more. It is a very critical and exciting job!

Name: Lynda Estes Company: NASA/JSC/ES2 Job: ISS Window Subsystem Manager. I am responsible for all technical aspects of the space station windows. My most important function is to ensure the safety of the ISS and crew by verifying that the glass used for the windows has the necessary structural integrity to survive the hostile space environment for the ISS lifetime.

Name: Andy Evans Company: United Space Alliance Job: Manager, ISS Logistics & Maintenance. I manage the effort to provide efficient on-orbit maintenance to the station, flow the unserviceable Orbital Replaceable Units to ground repair depots, ensure that Mission Operations Directorate has good maintenance data and procedures, and work with design engineers to ensure that ISS systems meet supportability, maintainability, and reliability standards.

Name: David Leung Company: NASA (OB) Job: ISS Vehicle Office Engineering Representative at Canoga Park, CA. I spent 6 years at Canoga Park, CA, participating in the design and test of the thermal control system (TCS), which included the Photovoltaic Radiators (PVR), Pump & Flow Control System (PFCS), and the Fluid Quick Disconnect Coupling (FQDC). The experience was much rewarded every time I see a picture of the radiator's seven panels hanging off the Integrated Equipment Assembly (IEA) in space.

Name: Sondra Fabian Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Operations Specialist. I write procedures for the ISS crew to use in conducting Human Research Facility operations and life sciences experiments.

Name: Kevin Farrah Company: NASA Job: Engineer. I was given the opportunity to help in the design of the oxygen recharge compressor assembly (ORCA) at WSTF. ORCA is used in the transfer of oxygen from the Shuttle to the Space Station. Currently, I'm involved in a redesign effort to extend the operational life of the ORCA.

Name: Jim Loftin Company: Lockheed Martin,Bldg.16/16a Job: Our Dept. supports the Systems Engineering Simulation.I have 35 years with Lockheed Martin.We supply the visuals for the SES Simulators. We have A Dome Projection simulator for SRMS Astronaut Training.

Name: Marjie Filler Company: United Space Alliance Job: Video Engineer. I work with a team that ensures the astronauts have quality displays for training in the simulators (SMS). They use the displays to practice docking with the Space Station, and for landings when they are bringing the ISS astronauts/cosmonauts home. I Love my job!

Name: Jerry R. Floyd Job: I maintain the data acquisition systems in Crew and Thermal Systems Division in support of the space station. We support crew training and thermal vacuum testing.

Name: Joyce Foley Company: USA Job: Technician. I set up the laptop computers for the Astronauts each day in the Flight Simulators. These Astronauts take the Space Station Astronauts to the Space Station.

Name: ISS Imagery Working Group with over 125,000 still images and thousands of hours of video acquired onboard the ISS, the Imagery Working Group is truly the “eyes” of the ISS. This diverse group of personnel in the Mission Integration and Operations Office captures preflight and on orbit imagery requirements that result in the breathtaking visuals from an ISS perspective for the world to see.

Name: Mike Fossum Company: NASA/JSC Job: Astronaut. I was an engineer on the ISS Redesign Team ten years ago and now I'm a Capcom in Mission Control -- one of the voices for the thousands of people working in the trenches.

Name: Traci G. Fugleberg Company: DynCorpJob: Sr. Digital Imaging Specialist. The Digital Imaging Lab processes all of the Digital camera files real time from the station as well as all the preflight training images, hardware imagery, launch and landing, PAO and Crew picks. We have taken approximately 80 thousand images down off of the station and distributed them to internet sites, news media, magazines, television stations, production companies, and varying NASA centers. If there is an image that is needed from the station, for the station or about the can bet it's passed by our eyes at least once.

Name: Ed Fuss Company: Cimarron subcontracted to Wyle LabsJob: Software Programmer. I develop ISS displays to support the Flight Surgeon/BME disciplines in MCC. I work with a great team which makes my job very rewarding. Displays support EVA biomed monitoring, CHeCS hardware and crew health issues and allow the BMEs and Docs to evaluate ISS activities and operations.

Name: George K. Gafka Company: NASA/JSC Job: ISS Chief Engineer for Vehicle Systems Integration. Recognize, lead, and support issue/anomaly resolution activities for on-orbit and ground problems that cross multiple systems, organizations, and disciplines, i.e. can not be given to one person/team. These high risk problems usually require complex assessments and quick mitigation to "leave the red zone"... basically, fire-fighting.

Name: Pat Gailord Company: NASA Job: ISS Avionics and Software Manager for Delivery Integration. Responsible for the scheduling, delivery, and integration of the U.S. and International Partner software in support of launch processing,real-time operations, testing, and training.

Name: Graciano Garcia Job: PP/Engr. Assistant. I started with supporting contractor Rothe as an Electronics technician and did fabricate flight cables and vacuum cleaners. Now with RJV (Rothe Joint Venture) I am a production controller/electronic engineering technician/fabricator on electrical systems for the mockup's US Lab and now the Node 2. Love it!

Name: Hector D. Garcia, Ph.D. Company: Wyle Laboratories Job: Toxicologist. The four JSC Toxicologists contribute to astronaut health and safety by setting limits to the contaminants allowed in spacecraft air and water and by assessing the toxicity of chemicals aboard manned spacecraft. These limits and assessments are also used by engineers, flight surgeons, trainers, safety, and other ground support personnel.

Name: Rose M. Gardner Company: NASA/JSC Job: Transportation Specialist. I ensure JSC employees get to wherever they need to be in the world to accomplish their tasks to support the ISS! As a Transportation Specialist in the International Travel Office, I work with JSC civil servants to process required documentation for official passports and visas to our international partner countries other than Russia.

Name: Karin Gast Company: Wyle Laboratories Job: ISS BME (Biomedical Flight Controller), Expedition 6 BME Mission Manager

Name: Tushar K. Ghosh, Ph.D. Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: Math Model Developer. I develop and use mathematical models for real time simulation and dynamic load analyses of tasks to be performed by the space station remote manipulator system (SSRMS), during the construction of the space station.

Name: Leelannee Godfrey Company: United Space Alliance Job: Cargo Integration, Inventory & Stowage Officer. To help the crew better manage time and space ISO's put together a "shopping list" of items the crew will use each day. We also manage the Inventory Management System between the International Partners, Houston, and the ISS. ISO's also answer "where is it?" and "where to put it?.”

Name: Michelle Goepp Company: United Space Alliance Job: I train astronauts and flight controllers to operate and troubleshoot the Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM), which attaches pressurized elements of the US segment together.

Name: John L. Golden Company: Boeing Job: Materials & Processes Lead Engineer. Our team provides the engineering design and manufacturing support for the selection and use of all materials and processes used in the construction of the ISS vehicle, and supports on-orbit operations for all issues associated with materials performance.

Name: Phillip Good Company: Bastion Technologies/Lockheed Martin Job: Science Engineering Analysis Testing I am proud to be a part of helping design and stow the Metabolic science experiment kits. My job makes me feel I have been a participant in History of Space Exploration. I am very proud of NASA and our President for his support.

Name: Cari Anne Goulard Company: NASA Job: I am an Increment 7 ISO. I support the ISS by keeping track of items onboard.

Name: Denise Grannon Company: Raytheon Job: Technical Assistant. Since 1995 I have worked with the SSTF in the M&I Section, where I provide tracking on the Process Change Orders, and technical training of organization personnel.

Name: Rob Green Company: USA Job: Mechanical and Robotics Systems Instructor. I support the ISS Program by teaching classes to Space Shuttle and Space Station crews and also to Flight Controllers. Also a large part of my job is helping to run sims from the Space Station Training Facility (SSTF).

Name: Stephanie S. Grizzle Company: Wyle Laboratories Inc. Job: Documentation Specialist. I am a Documentation Specialist for Space Medicine and Crew Training. I am the person who controls and updates the CHeCS Hardware Catalog. The CHeCS Catalog documents all of the medical equipment onboard ISS. I also put together several CBT's for medical procedures. The crew can't just drive to the Emergency room. These are both onboard ISS right now.

Name: Richard Wayne Guidry Company: GHG Corporation Job: Payload Safety Engineer - I review and study experiment hardware design and operations to verify safe implementation and experimentation aboard the ISS in support of the NASA Payload Safety Review Panel. Science rocks! whoo hoo!

Name: Kendra Phipps Company: Media Services Job: Editor JSC Features I have the exciting job of writing and editing stories about the ISS and all of the other awesome stories associated with NASA. I love it!

Name: Dianne K. Hammond Company: Wyle Laboratories Job: Cell Scientist. On a typical day, the Flight Definition group might be involved in any one of many activities related to the ISS. We analyze results and prepare experiments that will be performed on orbit, write the methods and reports, test samples for toxicity and interact with the primary investigators.

Name: James Hampton Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Manager- Test Operations CTSD. I am a manager working in the crew and thermal system division. We train the astronauts on the use of their space suits and space station interface equipment. We also test space hardware that is built to help assemble the station. The astronauts are trained to use the equipment and engineers are given new information to improve on the designs.

Name: Lori Hanley Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Co. Job: I make the ISS a success by transporting Crewmembers to the Medical Center for Baseline Data Collection (BDC) sessions. The ISS Principle Investigators collect medical data that helps promote understanding of the long-term effects of space flight. This medical research also helps us work to treat conditions such as osteoporosis.

Name: Dave Hanson Company: NASA Job: Crew Language Training Manager. I manage crew language training: Russian and English. Every crew of Americans and Russians in Earth orbit must communicate. Our instructors do an excellent job working with our motivated crew members getting them ready to live and work together. Previously I was NASA's Deputy Director of Operations at Star City.

Name: Yasser Haridi Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job Title: Senior Electrical/ Project Engineer. Design and Program Emergency Management Control systems for our test facilities designed to simulate the outer space environment to train astronauts and test tools and equipments before we send them to space. Initiate engineering proposals; plan and manage complex projects; perform as a test team engineer or specialist and advise the highest levels of engineering, company and customer management.

Name: Ann Harris-Hoover Company: Lockheed MartinJob: Procedure Developer. I develop/write operational procedures for the first payload rack on Station, the Human Research Facility (HRF), and its sub-rack payloads. Can you say DETAILS, DETAILS? This entails instructions on everything from 'cabling up' (hooking up) hardware, to scanning physiological regions of the body with the HRF Ultrasound. It is important to know the engineering details of the hardware and the science to be accomplished with it so that the astronauts can accomplish their science task. It is always interesting and is a marriage made 'in the heavens'.

Name: Dan Harrison Company: NASA Job: Senior Technical Assistant. I conceptualized and led the development of the Orbiter Interface Unit, the product that ISS uses to communicate with the Shuttle while docked. As a GFE project this saved NASA about $10M dollars.

Name: J. Milt Heflin Company: NASA Job: Chief, Flight Director Office. "I enable good people to contribute to this great achievement. As they do it...I cheerlead!"

Name: Bryan Hermann Company: United Space Alliance Job: Tech. Lead OIT (Onboard Information Technology). I Consult/Design/Architect for OIT. Basically if a group would like to select new COTS IT HW for use on the ISS I can help recommend which COTS IT HW would be best suitable for from a functionality and supportability standpoint. I keep a keen eye on the IT industry to predict technology 5, 10, 15, and 20 years in the future. So far I have been accurate.

Name: Terry Hess Company: Cimarron Job: The Ground Systems Maintenance (GSM) supports the workstations, servers, network, uplink and downlink communications to the International Space Station and shuttle operations in buildings 30S, 30M and 30A. Recently, GSM performed a total upgrade of all workstations and servers while continuing to support station and flight operations.

Name: Jason Hinds Company: NASA Job: For a period of two years I worked in the Space Station Program Office providing technical support to the user community. Now in ISD, I look back on my time in Space Station as a very rewarding experience!!!!

Name: Lisa Holmesly Company: NASA Job: ISS Operations Planner. I support the ISS as an Operations Planner. I have worked every increment on console, through every possible shift and every possible holiday, since Increment 0. I have been on console for all of the manned increments and have marveled at each different crew, and their different personalities, and different ways of accomplishing our great tasks. It has been and continues to be very interesting to learn how to adapt the crew's on-orbit schedule to allow them the best environment we can to accomplish their daily work. Needless to say, we ALL get better at it as each increment progresses. It is interesting, challenging, and variable work.

Name: Terry Hols Company: Muniz Engineering, Inc. Job: Implementation of the Code M (Office of Space Flight) Research Program Office to include the strategic, tactical, and execution planning and operations of all Code M payloads. The Code M payloads come from the Code M supported organizations including ESA, ASI, INPE, DoD, Education, Crew Office, ERT, P3I, etc.

Name: Alan Holt Company: NASA Johnson Space Center Job: Manager, Office of Space Flight (Code M) Research Program Office - Responsible for the manifesting of Code M RPO payloads including DoD, International Barter Payloads (Italian Space Agency(ASI), Brazil & ESA (attached payloads only)), Education, Crew Earth Observations, EarthKAM, Engineering Research & Technology, Exploration Support and Pre-Planned Program Improvement (technology improvement) payloads, also responsible for ensuring the success of the integration and operation of these payloads.

Name: Andy Hong/Doug Rarick/John Iovine/Nikki Williams/Debbie Lemons/Steve Rickman/Sam Thomas/Marie KowalCompany: NASA; John is LockheedJob: We assure that none of the components of ISS get too hot or too cold. The temperatures of the components of the ISS are dependent on the interaction of the ISS with it's harsh environment. This must be balanced against the needs and requirements of the ISS. The electrical power system may need a particular attitude for the solar arrays; communications and tracking may need power for a processor. We make sure that the thermal perspective is known in the ISS community.

Name: Stacy HugginsCompany: Lockheed MartinJob: Vibration Laboratory Manager, JSC Bldg. 49. We put the equipment going up to the International Space Station through workmanship acceptance vibration testing, with subsequent full functional checkout, that better assures that the equipment will function properly when it is installed and utilized on the Station.

Name: Susan Hulsey Company: NASA Job: Secretary. My position as an Expedition Crew Secretary supported the astronauts and cosmonauts of the very first Expedition crew. Supporting Expedition One was a monumental challenge. Coordinating launch guest operations in Baikonur was more difficult than of those in Florida. We were faced with several administrative hurdles and paved the path for future flights.

Name: Stephen D. Hunter Company: NASA Job: Lead, ISS C&DH Architecture & Robotics SW Integration. I provide architectural design analysis and integration for the ISS C&DH Architecture, MSS Robotics Software and the Integrated Station LAN (ISL).

Names: Stan Hutchison, Macresia Alibaruho, Brian O'Hagan, Bob Dempsey, Mark Jenkins, Dave Owens, Ken Bain(Group Lead)Company: NASANames: Ken Edwards, Tracy Fruge, Preston Williams, Mary Good, Rich Nowak, Keith Tran, Jude Vrazel, Pam Jenkins, Al Solis, Colin Peterson, Frank LaFuente, Dexter White, Zorba Parer, Ted Eckert, Emery Rebresh Company: USA and Barrios Job: ISS Flight Controllers, ODIN and RAVEN Consoles. In real time, we monitor the ISS control computers (MDM's) and their related command & telemetry systems. And behind the scenes, we work with software developers, build displays, run tests, and write procedures. Did I mention meeting?

Name: Mary Helen Iven Company: Lockheed MartinJob: Reproduction Operator/Clerk. Since the cave men wrote their messages on the walls of caves, we have needed paper, for information, instructions and communication. My role on the printing side, has been to insure quality copies are reproduced, either in Document form or Engineering copies for specifications in building Space Station.

Name: Intravehicular Activity (IVA) Flight Crew Equipment (FCE) GroupCompany: Lockheed Martin / NASAJob: The IVA/FCE Team certifies and provides IVA Restraints and Mobility Aids, Hand Tools, Crew Provisions, and various Portable Equipment/Lighting for the ISS. We also provide console support in the Mission Evaluation Room (MER) during mission and quiescent operations.

Name: Dr. Judith A. Jeevarajan Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: Senior Research Scientist. I support the Energy Systems Division and certified the first li-ion battery used on Shuttle and Station. The li-ion batteries have high voltage and low self-discharge characteristics and allow longer usage of electronic equipment. These batteries are used in camcorders, laptops, palmtops, voice-reduction headsets,etc. on Station.

Name: Pamela Jenkins Company: Barrios Technology, Inc. Job: ISS Flight Controller - Command and Data Handling Team. We monitor and operate the ISS onboard computer systems. We develop console products, procedures, flight rules, system diagrams, workstation applications, and command and telemetry displays. We work with various NASA centers and International Partners to test and standardized flight hardware and software documentation and configurations.

Name: Jim Syzdek Company: Raytheon AES Job: Maintenance Analyst. I maintain and help modify the Space Station Training Facility. The astronauts use our facility to train for their stay on the ISS and we build, maintain, and modify the SSTF for this training. We do preflight checks of the communications equipment and any other special requests that may be needed for the daily training. We also support the engineering groups that modify the SSTF hardware and software for future flights.

Name: Carolyn Jirlds Company: Bastion Technologies Job: EACM Program Manager. I feel very privileged to have worked on Space Station since 1985. In Phase B, I worked as an Editor; with the move to Reston, I managed the CM Support; I worked in Information Systems both for TMIS during Freedom and for the Station IT contract; I coordinated the first CARD activity for Station; and now I manage a contract in the Engineering Directorate and interface with Space Station for GFE issues. What a great experience!!!

Name: Steven E. Johnson Company: United Space Alliance Job: ISS Flight Controller, operating PHALCON console in MCC during Increment, logistical resupply, and assembly missions.

Name: Cara Johnston Company: DynCorp Job: Sr. Digital Imaging Specialist. My job upon receipt of the Station's digital hardware closeout pictures, is to NASA number them, perform color and density enhancements, and send them to the STIC and to DIMS where all interested parties can view them.

Name: Stephen Jonas Company: Defense Contract Management Agency Job: DCMA Liaison to NASA, JSC. DCMA performs much of the contract administration, inspection, and acceptance of the ISSP hardware and software. I am a customer satisfaction representative, with the primary function of assuring NASA has the DCMA support needed at the various contractors and subcontractors. I also act as an interpreter to ensure NASA and DCMA are communicating well.

Name: Don Jones Company: InDyne, Inc. Job: Systems Engineer. In a word, "imagery". We design and build the systems that bring the sounds and sights of life on board the ISS to the rest of the world. Whenever you see video from the ISS or Shuttle, we had a hand in that.

Name: Jeffrey A. Jones MD, MS, FACS Job: ISS Crew Surgeon; Medical Operations- Surgeon and Biomedical Engineers: Train the crew on medical issues and responses to medical contingencies, support the crew at all of the hazardous training locations (NBL, vacuum chambers, hydrolab at GCTC, etc.), provide pre-, in- and post- flight medical preparation and support, at the mission control centers in Houston and Moscow, and in the US and Russia for rehabilitation. We also monitor the enviroment (radiation, air, water, microbes, etc.), supervise the crew countermeasures, and help with improving crew rest and reducing fatigue, etc. but I ran out of words. :))

Name: John Fayle Job: Rigging & Welding Specialist Inc. Our superior performance in lifting and transporting Critical/Sensitive Flight Hardware significantly Contributed to establishing the International Space Station on time. We have safely performed over 500 "Critical Lifts" during the past five years contributing to the success of JSC's mission.

Names: Eleanor Cizek, Lee Foster, Kandy Jarvis, Pat Jones, Quanette Juarez, Paula Krisko, J.-C. Liou, Mark Matney, John Opiela, Tracy Thumm Company: Lockheed Martin - Eleanor Cizek, Kandy Jarvis, Pat Jones, Quanette Juarez, Paula Krisko, J.-C. Liou, Mark Matney, John Opiela, Tracy ThummGB Tech Inc. - Lee FosterNASA - Nick Johnson, Eugene Stansbery Space Station Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Risk Assessments: Our team analyzes the near Earth meteoroid and orbital debris environment by utilizing ground-based optical and radar sensors and space-based in situ measurements. The models we developed form the basis of meteoroid and orbital impact risk assessments for the ISS.

Name: Randy Kassu Company: United Space Alliance Job: I support the ISS Program Integration Office (OM6) by providing technical and programmatic direction to our Boeing contractor during the Design, Development, Fabrication, Test, Evaluation, and Verification-for-Flight phases of Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU) Flight Support Equipment (FSE) for launch/return on Unpressurized External Carriers.

Name: Matt Katsarelis Company: Lockheed Martin Space OperationsJob: Payload Specialist. I support the International Space Station by performing world class flight testing on the Human Research Facility. The Human Research Facility is currently onboard Station and allows the Crew to perform health checks on their physiological functions. The rewards of my job provide healthier longer space flight for all mankind.

Name: M. Kathleen Keith Company: GHG Job: Travel/Training Coordinator. NC Document Control Custodian. Coordinated travel past 5 years for SS&MA Department sending Engineers to perform their jobs. Sent out Work Instructions for review on a periodic bases as the Document Control Custodian for NC. Ensure employees training are keep current and provided administrative assistance to our Managers as backup to our Department Secretary.

Name: Beatriz’ Kelly-Serrato (BeBe) Company: Lockheed Martin (SEAT Contract)Job: Thermal and Flight Crew Systems Support Scientist, Engineer, and Security Guru. President of the Mars Society of Houston. The one, which contributes the most to Space, is the involvement in the Mars Society of Houston. Through this organization we can bring the science of space to the people who do not work within this environment. Look around and see all the wonders of space that are here for us to see. Aug 27th, Mars will be at its’ closest point to Earth. We are holding an event at the Lunar Planetary Sciences to view the planet. AD AStrA and on to MARS… NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!!!

Name: Albert F. Kelly Company: NASA/DA30; Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COtr) on the Training Systems Contract (TSC). I am responsible for assuring that all technical and business activities required to develop the Space Station Training Facility transpire as planned in the contract. My customers are in both the technical and business communities. I monitor contract technical and Earned Value performance, change management, and fiscal issues.

Name: Kriss J. Kennedy Company: NASA Job: Space Architect. For about a year I managed the Habitability Hardware (Waste and Hygiene Compartment, Galley, Crew Quarters, and Early Wardroom Table) Development for the Crew and Thermal Systems Division/EC. Previous to that, I was one of the inventors of TransHab and the Deployable Crew Quarters (a.k.a. Temporary Early Sleep Station (TeSS)). I worked on and helped manufacture/ assemble the Temporary Early Sleep Station and the Personal Radiation Protection System bricks that were flown on station.

Name: Linda F. Kennedy Company: United Space Alliance Job: Publicist, Astronaut Appearances Office. I have worked in the Astronaut Appearances Office, within the Astronaut Office for over 14 years. Twelve years as Appearance Administrator - coordinating all aspects of Astronaut Appearances, including 8 years as SFA primary contact.Additionally, two years as publicist - coordinating publicity/media events for Astronaut Appearances in support of all astronauts at any given time - including co-lead coordinator for the ISS and Shuttle crew postflight appearance program. It is a privilege to be of service.

Name: Mohammad Ayub Khan Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Systems Software Engineer. I perform all associated duties of a systems software engineer in support of Crew and Thermal Systems Division (CTSD) operations and test support. I maintain and configure Test PCs in CTSD Labs to support testing. Also, I assure the integrity and preservation of acquired test data through the implementation of proper policies and procedures.

Name: Sarwar A. KhanCompany: Lockheed MartinJob: Subsystem Management. Supporting Space Station Program since Freedom era. At present, Subsystem Manager, supporting ISS Hardware such as Common Attach System (CAS) including Unpressurized Cargo Carrier Attach System (UCCAS), Payload Attach System (PAS) and Mobile Remote Servicer (MRS) Base System (MBS) Common Attach System (MCAS) by managing and coordinating with Hardware developer.

Name: Max Kilbourn/EA Job: Helped provide Station assembly drawings and assembly clearances and assembly timeline information.

Name: Guy King Company: NASA/ ES2 Job: Subsystem Manager. As the subsystem manager for the subsystems listed below, my job is to verify that each system is built, tested, and integrated into the ISS. Once on- orbit, I monitor (on console in the Mission Evaluation Room) each mechanism to verify that it performs the tasks for which they were designed. Manual Berthing Mechanism 1& 2 - Carrier for PMA and CupolaThermal Radiator Rotary Joint(trRJ) and Spare Hardware; Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ) and Spare Hardware H2 Transfer Vehicle(HTV)

Name: Margaret Klee Company: Lockheed Martin Job: I am a Project Manager with the Human Research Facility (HRF) project. My team developed a software application used on the HRF Racks to help the crew access life sciences experiment software. Our user interface became the basis of the user interface template established for all payload software.

Name: Joseph Knight Company: United Space Alliance Job: Simulation Supervisor Office Manager. Responsible for the weekly development and maintenance of the MOD Integrated Simulation schedule; a schedule reflects integrated Flight Specific and Generic, SSP and ISS, standalone and combined simulation activities used to train astronauts, flight control disciplines and other support teams utilizing internal/external facility resources to prepare for mission support.

Name: Kelly Lajaunie Company: Lockheed Martin Job: I am a test conductor for the Human Research Facilty(HRF) Flight Racks One and Two. I am also an increment integration lead for HRF.

Name: Beth Land Company: SEAT/HEI/Lockheed Martin Team Member Job: Software Computer Programmer

Name: Barbara Langston Company: Barrios Technology, Inc. Job: Web developer. I maintain the homepage for the International Space Station Program ( and also maintain a suite of applications designed to assist the ISS Program personnel in distributing data via the web.

Name: Kipp Larson Company: Lockheed Martin Job: HRF Payload Systems Engineer. I help provide console support for life science experiments carried out on the Human Research Facility instrument rack. By commanding and troubleshooting rack activities from the ground, we allow more crew time to be utilized for the actual science experiments. I also train crew members on the HRF rack systems.

Name: Billy D. Lawrence Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. Job: Contract Administrator. I administer the Prime and subcontracts at the White Sands Test Facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico. My responsibilities are to interface with the customer on all contract issues, ensure legal compliance; monitor contract costs and administer subcontracts.

Name: Tim Lawrence Company: NASA/JSC/EP5 Job: ISS Tertiary Power Subsystem Manager. I have had the privilege of supporting the ISS Electrical Power System for 20 years. From the time of the 1983 "Bass Redd" Working Group, through the many redesigns including actual Flight OPS, I developed the electrical power requirements and assisted in the EPS design. I've had a great time.

Name: Stanford J. LeBlanc Company: NASAJob: ISS Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Lead. I serve as the NASA chairman for the R&M Panel, and am responsible for ensuring implementation of R&M design requirements and development of R&M products. R&M products include FMEA/CIL worksheets, Critical Items, ISS Stage Reliability Predictions, and Maintenance Crew Time Predictions.

Name: Wen-Ching Lee Company: Hernandez Engineering Job: Perform various engineering analyses for the thermal and environmental control/life support systems to keep the crew alive and comfortable in space station.

Name: Leong W. Lew Company: NASA/JSC Job: I have worked in the developing the ISS Location Coding System, the inventory control system, and developing and fabricating training mockups to train flight crews. This included loose equipment used onboard the ISS, and IP training modules (i.e., MPLM, CAM, JEM, and Columbus) and providing training mockups to NASDA.

Name: John Francis Lewis Company: NASA Job: Environmental Control and Life Support Deputy System Manager

Name: Rodney L Lofton Company: NASA - OZ2 Job: Increment Payload Manager in the Space Station Payloads Office, where I manage payload mission integration activities for an ISS increment. I assess the requirements of each NASA payload, approve payload integration documentation, assure the delivery of payload hardware to the launch site, facilitate the certification of flight worthiness of the payload, and assure the successful operation of the payload on the ISS.

Name: Kevin R. Long Company: Barrios Technology Job: Systems Analyst. Provide UNIX systems administration for the International Space Station information systems contract (ISAC) at Johnson Space Center. The Team I'm on supports the servers that have run ISS applications like the Vehicle Master Database, Program Automated Library System, and the Bulletin Board Posting tool to name a few.

Name: Alberto F. Magh Company: USA Job: As an Engineer in the Robotics Branch of the Astronaut Office, I help crewmembers evaluate the camera views and position and attitude data available for mating the ISS trusses with the Space Station Remote Manipulator System.

Name: Steve Maignaud Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Project Manager. Provide Project Management for the Image Processing Unit (IPU). The IPU is a payload that will be located in the ISS Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) and its function is to receive and process video data from cameras monitoring various experiments aboard the JEM.

Name: Mayumi Manawadu Company: Blackhawk Management Corporation Job: Analyst. I work for the Cargo Planning and Imagery Office, which is responsible for defining and implementing manifest and imagery processes for the ISS. The CPI Office consists of one integrated schedule with high level activities and milestones that provide status to the CPI Manager. Several sub offices organize the CPI Office.

Name: Nancy Manlove Company: United Space Alliance Job: OPS & Processing Staff II - POC for Program Integration Configuration Management and Meeting Support. I am a paper-pusher that tracks evaluations to signature closure. I preview and coordinate 33 evaluators’ inputs needed in 5,000 pieces of paper each year for the ISS. I support the scientific and meaningful need to finish the station project and then move forward to our next space exploration project.

Name: Lisa Marszalek Company: United Space Alliance Job: Operations Support Officer Flight Controller. What do I do to support the International Space Station? Operations Support Officer (OSO) is the designation of the flight controller in the Mission Control Center responsible for ISS structural issues as well as mechanical systems. OSOs are responsible for the operation of attachment systems used during Station assembly. OSOs also train the crew with necessary on-orbit maintenance skills.

Name: JSC Export Services Team (Mona Arvidson, Leon Blum, Ann Brown-Garison, Martin Maier, Jennifer Mason, Debbie McCormack, Carrie Nabizadeh, Lee Ann Wroth) Company: NASA and Anteon Job: A team of engineers and administrators that implement the ISS Export Control Program. We work with ISS Export Control Representatives and engineers to classify items that are delivered to International Partners. Recently, we helped to successfully export approximately 700 items to Russia for launch to the ISS.

Name: Wayne Matrejek Company: United Space Alliance Job: Computer Programmer. I’m the US side project lead for the joint US-Russian software development team responsible for IMS, the Inventory Management System that keeps track of the thousands of items onboard Station.

Name: Mary McConnell Job: HTSI contractor at White Sands Testing Facilities. WSTF verifies rocket components before use and tests possible upgrades and improvements. As an Instrumentation Engineer in Propulsion, I work to make the Space Station a success by ensuring that the instrumentation is reliable and accurate.

Name: Kelly McCormick Company: Oklahoma State University Job: Administrative Assistant. I have a very exciting job! I work in the Teaching From Space Program office and I support the ISS by getting students interested and involved with space exploration. Our group facilitates live downlinks between ISS crewmembers and students and we also fly education payloads.

Names: Karin Bergh, Karen Borski, Brett Bray, Alicia Foerster, Karen Lawrence, Corey Maender, Jessica Meir, Elkin Romero, Gwenn Sandoz, Dea Taylor, Simone Thomas, Jacqui vanTwest, Penny Wilkinson, Kiley WrenCompany: Lockheed Martin Space OperationsJob: Experiment Support Scientist (ESS). As ESSs, we support, coordinate, and implement human space life science experiments performed on ISS. We provide discipline expertise to our experiments including science requirements definition and management; serving as the science liaison between NASA and the Principal Investigator; supporting on-console real-time mission activities; training crewmembers; and managing experiment documentation.

Names: Brett Bray, Alicia Foerster, Karen Lawrence, Jessica Meir, Elkin Romero, Gwenn Sandoz, Jacqui vanTwestCompany: Lockheed Martin Space OperationsJob: Increment Science Coordinator (ISC). As ISCs, we represent and coordinate ISS complements of human space life science experiments from an overall mission perspective. Our tasks include resolution of inter-experiment conflicts; preparation of increment-specific Baseline Data Collection (BDC) and data sharing plans; scheduling BDC sessions; and serving as the science liaison to increment management teams.

Name: David Melendrez Company: Barrios Technology Job: Flight controller, robotics systems. From 1995 to 2003, I worked in Station Ops Planning and was heavily involved with creating new web-based tools to allow Shuttle and Station crews a means to view daily messages electronically. Today, I work in robotics systems, helping to manage the remote manipulator systems for both Shuttle and Station

Name: Michael A. Hieber Company: Titan Corporation Job: Technical Manager. I began my first Space Station assignment back in 1985. Through 18 years I have worked to ensure the software was safe and the crew and flight controllers were trained. Today I help manage Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of the US Flight Software.

Name: Erica Miles Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Imagery Scientist. As an Image Science and Analysis Group scientist, I am directly involved in the planning and coordination, real-time support, and analysis of on-orbit ISS External Survey video and photography. This imagery has many uses such as monitoring ISS exterior surface conditions, documenting configuration, troubleshooting, and aiding crew training.

Name: Charles M. Miller Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Human Research Facility Increment Lead. I assist the Human Life Sciences Program Office in the integration and on orbit operation of Life Sciences Payloads aboard the International Space Station.

Name: Dennis J. Miller Job: I support the International Space Station effort because it demonstrates to six billion people how a team can work together to accomplish a complicated goal. It also demonstrates the how the team will suffer the unexpected hugs of loss instead of hugs of joy on the runway tarmac when the astronauts are scheduled to come home.

Name: Gina Miller Company: Lockheed Martin, Project Integration Office, Science and Payloads ActivityJob: I am a Project Specialist with the Human Research Facility (HRF) project. My favorite job is to tell the public and scientific communities about HRF Rack 1, the first facility class payload on ISS; and HRF Rack 2, flying on the next shuttle. Both support Human Life Sciences.

Name: Delila Rollins Company: TechTrans International (TTI) Job: Documents Control Manager. I coordinate with all JSC personnel and subcontractors to ensure timely receipt, translation and return of documentation supporting the ISS Program that needs to be translated between Russian and English. I also maintain reference archives of the translated documentation and other space-related reference materials used to ensure accurate translation.

Name: Heather Williams Company: TechTrans International (TTI)Job: Operations Manager (Moscow, Russia). I make sure that NASA's infrastructure in Russia is in top working order so the crew, MCC staff, and any other ISS Program travelers can focus on their work. My work includes making sure trip arrangements, interpretation support, ground transportation and any other requested support are provided without a hitch.

Name: Alla Djiguirej Company: TechTrans International (TTI)Job: Crew Training Coordinator (Star City, Russia). I work with Russian instructors, crew schedulers and the crew themselves to set up crew training in Star City on Russian ISS systems. I also interpret during training sessions. When the crew finish this training, they are up to date on all Russian segments of the Station.

Name: Jane B. Clarke-James Company: TechTrans International, Inc.Job: English Language Instructor in the JSC Language Education Center (Building 12). My colleagues and I help prepare cosmonauts, astronauts, and other space professionals to meet their everyday, technical, and work-related communication needs, primarily in Russian and English. Using the latest language training technology and authentic technical training materials, our students develop the language skills critical to their mission and on-the-job tasks.

Name: Daryl Gandy Company: TechTrans International (TTI)Job: Russian - English Translator, I translate all types of Russian documents into English in support of the ISS. Over the past two years I have specialized in translating Soyuz vehicletraining documents written by Star City instructors and used to train astronauts at both JSC and Star City, Russia.

Name: Michael Tovbin Company: TechTrans International, Inc. Job: Russian <> English Interpreter. I started interpreting for the ISS Program in 1996 supporting telecons, meetings and launches. I worked mission control shifts during Orbiter flights. I have provided air-to-ground interpretation support for all expeditions. I trained with the Expedition 6 crew for EVA support and worked console during the two Expedition 6 EVAs.

Name: Hazel Mann Company: Media Services Corp. Job: I publicize the crew debrief events at Space Center Houston where ISS Expedition crews tell their stories to the community, launch viewings in the Teague, where Expedition posters are distributed and crew and Expedition returns at Ellington Field, I've also co-created two ISS-themed, educational handouts: a Space Activity Book and an ISS Kids Activity Sheet. These are handed out at JSC events help teach kids about the Station.

Name: Tiffany Travis Company: InDyne, Inc. Job: ISS Trailers traveling exhibit coordinator. I do public affairs work for the ISS trailers exhibit, "Space Station Imagination." By generating media coverage, publicity and public interest for this exhibit, I help bring an awareness of the ISS to communities all over the country.

Name: Larque Molina Company: NASA Propulsion Test Office Job: I am a NASA electrical engineer at WSTF in propulsion. I am involved in propulsion engine testing on the Foward Reaction Control System and the Aft Reaction Control System alongwith IAPU testing for the Space Shuttle. I strongly believe the Space Station is not only important to NASA and our country, but also to the world. The systems that we develop at NASA to work and live in space, along with the research and development that is being conducted on Space Station will certainly lead to improve the way of life for mankind here on earth.

Name: Heather Q. Monahan Company: Johnson Engineering Job: Senior CM Board Specialist, providing meeting support for ISS Control Boards, Panels, Readiness Reviews, and External Reviews. This includes meeting logistics coordination, provision of presentation packages, composing technical minutes, and management of action items to resolution.

Name: Alex Moore Company: USA Job: Station Operations Planning. I am responsible for assembling and maintaining the daily schedule that is executed both by the crew on-board the International Space Station and the ground controllers supporting the operations. Planning starts 12 months prior to execution and involves coordination with internal NASA disciplines and extends to the integration of our international partners. This work culminates in a detailed schedule that is used to conduct the daily operations of the ISS.

Name: Barbara A. Morgan Company: JSC/NASA ISS/Vehicle Systems Integration Office Job: My work requires maintaining the Mandatory Change Request Evaluation Tracking System and supporting weekly Joint Team Reviews (Jtrs) for the ISS Vehicle Office. Responsibilities include identifying evaluators, distributing and monitoring evaluation packages for internal review by urgency and need date, consolidating comments and obtaining signatures for final distribution to CM.

Name: John Ira Petty Company: NASA Job: As a spokesperson to the media and a mission commentator on NASA TV I help publicize the International Space Station.

Name: David Morr Company: USA DF/35 Job: Engineer. I support MOD change integration processes in connection with the ISS avionics flight software.

Name: Mark Morshedi Job: Since crew's safety is paramount, I make sure the entire requirements; especially the specification concerning the safety is followed completely. I participate in RACK verification and make certain all experiments function according to the established requirements. In addition I make sure the flight database is complete and error free.

Name: Pierre M. Mulgrave Job: My unique contributions to the ISS Program have been in the area of Thermal Manufacturing Tolerance Interchangeability Analyses. These analyses have been performed and reviewed for Orbital Replaceable Units (ORUs) and Station Structural Segments assembled on orbit for every flight. This work is critical to the success of every mission.

Name: Joy Mullett Company: Bastion Technologies Job: ISS Commands and Telemetry System Integration, MOD. I work to make sure that ISS flight controllers get all the telemetry they need to operate the vehicle but no more than that, because telemetry data uses bandwidth, and bandwidth is an expensive commodity.

Name: Dianne J. Murphy Company: NASA/OCJob: Increment 1 and 5 Manager and the Consumables Team Leader

Name: Carol Neeley Company: NASA Job: Contracting Officer. Responsible for preparing supplemental agreements, contract files and documentation to definitize all changes to the International Space Station contract. Changes are critical to the habitability, operability, reliability, and safety of the Space Station. During this assignment, 1735 changes have been implemented on the ISS contract.

Name: Helen Neighbors Company: NASAJob: Computer Engineer. I contributed to ISS by designing and developing OIU software (interpreting Orbiter-ISS command and telemetry streams), and software for the Early Communication System, used by ISS before the eventual communication system arrived. Then I wrote and integrated X-38 flight software; now I develop and review requirements for OSP spacecraft.

Name: Dan Nelson Company: United Space Alliance Job: Space Flight Training--ISS Attachment Mechanisms Instructor. I train astronauts and flight controllers on the attachment mechanisms that hold the space station together. In the Space Station Training Facility I work with the rest of the ISS training team to script and conduct training simulations that help flight controllers and astronauts learn the ISS systems and operations before they have to actually fly.

Name: Garet Nenninger Company: Barrios Technology Job: Technical Assistant. As a technical assistant to the Station Operations Branch of the Astronaut Office, I directly support the daily operations of the Station Operations Branch.

Name: James L. Nguyen Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Staff Engineer. Designed and developed the following hardware: Servicing and Performance Checkout Equipment (SPCE), Treadmill Vibration Isolation System (TVIS), Small Mass Measurement Devices (SMMD), Waste and Hygiene Compartment (WHC), Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC), and Micro-Wireless Instrumentation System (Micro-WIS).

Name: Eileen Nicholas Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: As a technical writer, I document procedures and specifications pertaining to ISS hardware, and occasionally I get the chance to write articles explaining, in lay terms, how a piece of hardware helps the crew to build and service the space station.

Name: Joe Nichols/MEI Job: Grandfathered SSF hardware and software for ISS. Russian Element SPP and MTsM modules support. ISS T&V support for External Carrier and FSE development. Reviewed JEM, HTV, Node 2 and Node 3 designs. Setup and supported the JEM Elements ISS-to-Shuttle pre-launch test procedures for JSC. Technical support to the Data Management for IP data products. Facilitated secure ISS FTP transfers-to-Russia with evolving updates

Name: Normand Paquette Job: Engineering/Fab. Dept. at the NASA/JSC/WSTF. I have proudly made a lot of the finish machined components used to manufacturer the ORCA (Oxygen Recharge Compressor Assy) that is onboard the ISS.

Name: William (Bill) J. O'Hara IV Company: USA Job: I work in Space Station Mechanisms and Maintenance Operations. We write ISS assembly and maintenance procedures and train crew members the skills to perform them. We also support realtime activities in the ISS Mission Control Center as the Operations Support Officer.

Name: Amarachi Okorie Company: NASA/JSC/Avionics Job: Electronics Design EngineerI am developing a bluetooth-based Wireless Crew Communication System for use on ISS. My work duties include researching, designing and building the electronics hardware that enables use of the 2.45GHz radio technology, as well as implementing the supporting communications software.

Name: Bob Olson Company: Boeing Job: Engineer- I monitor the health and status of the C&DH subsystem (MDM's). I work in the Mission Evaluation Room in the MCC.

Name: Edward R. Oshel Company: Hernandez Engineering Job: Photogrammetrist. Image Science and Analysis Group. I am an image analyst. I study images of and from the station. I compute geometric relationships between things pictured in the images. Such as the curvature of the Solar Array Wings or the clearance between the S1 trRJ radiator and the P6 Starboard radiator.

Name: Sandra Owens Company: Rothe Joint Venture Job: Electronic Fabricator. My position allows me to do a number of duties. I'm presently working on the Node 2 mock up. I build the harnesses that are installed for training and trouble shooting.

Name: Jeana Pappas Company: United Space Alliance Job: Space Station Program Office-Increment Integration Team. I began my job in the ISS world as a Station Editor preparing documents for final delivery and release for publication for use on the Space Station. Currently, I proudly work for the ISS Mission Integration & Operations Office serving on the Increment Integration Team. I help incorporate the changes made to the books and support the Increment Managers and Engineers. We work together as a team to move the world closer to the best it can be. Although changes come continuously and relentlessly, this keeps the passion for what we do alive. We continue to put our efforts toward a clear, positive and meaningful end, always working toward our goals. With this in mind, we will have nothing but positive and productive results. I know I may only be a very small part of the big picture, but it is rewarding to see the results and accomplishments that we make together as a team!

Name: Julie Pate (Transportation Branch, Chief) & Linda Massey (Logistics Division, Chief) Company: NASA JSC Job: Support the JSC Quality Policy by providing services in support of International Space Station Program that meet or exceed all customer requirements for safety, performance, cost, and schedule. This includes managing the JSC Logistic and Transportation requirements per the JSC Quality Policy. Validating the Branch/Division structure is consistent with ISO efforts to ensure customer satisfaction while reducing cost, as well as establish and improve existing QMS through resources and conducting regular reviews.

Name: Sandy Ogden Company: NASA JSC Job: Responsible for providing coordination of customs clearance supporting SC imports of International Space Station Program hardware JSC.This includes advance planning and guidance to JSC Program and Project Offices . During FY02 and FY03, a total of exports were cleared in support of International Space Station missions and programs.

Names: Bobby Boyd/Mission ManagerDaniel K. Brown /Lead & Loadmaster Daniel Jablonski /Loadmaster Jim Thorpe /Loadmast John S. Livingston /Lead & Loadmaster Richard D. Barrett /Loadmaster Henry "TC" Clark /Loadmaster Jack L. Roberts /LoadmasterCompany: Airlift Technologies International Job: The Super Guppy Aircraft Loadmaster crew and Cargo Mission Manager provides outstanding leadership and dedication to the safe and reliable operations by moving International Space Station Program flight elements. To date, twenty-nine International Space Station Program oversize elements were safely transported for launch using the Super Guppy Transportation System.

Name: James Pelosi Job: In these first thousand days I taught USA Training Academy students "NASA History" and explained the achievements of our explorations into space; and, as an Engineer and Russian Segment Instructor, working with the Russians, I trained Shuttle and Expedition crews on the Russian components of the Station.

Name: Edward Peronnet Company: SAIC Job: ISS Mission Assurance, Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Group Leader. We support NASA ISS Mission Assurance by evaluating Station hardware designs for correctness and completeness with Station Reliability and Maintainability requirements, to protect the Crew and Station, for both Government Furnished Equipment and Contractor Furnished Equipment. Plus providing support to the ISS R&M Panel as core members of the Panel.

Name: Jonathan Phillips Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: My team supports all the computers and servers in the various labs at JSC. Our group has excelled in support of Space Station since inception and continues to be an evolutionary part of it's dynamic. If you DON'T hear about us, we're doing a great job.

Name: Nancy Pierce Company: United Space Alliance Job: As Orbit Software TIG Lead, it is my privilege to develop and maintain software tools for the trajectory operations of the Space Station. We provide software to perform collision analysis of the station against other objects in space and provides for basic positional awareness.

Name: Gregory D. Pilkinton Company: Lockheed MartinJob: Sr. Acoustical Specialist. I am responsible for acoustics mission support. I train the astronauts how to use sound measurement equipment, sit in mission control during on-orbit measurements, analyze the data upon return, and generate reports and recommendations based on engineering and medical requirements. Our goal is to protect the astronauts' hearing.

Name: Jerry Posey Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: I manage teams of Lockheed and Boeing engineers performing integrated ISS vehicle analysis. Team technical activities include ISS and visiting vehicle on-orbit aerodynamics and mass properties, assembly clearance analysis, time-phased electrical power and thermal analysis, and payload safety analysis. Team products shape ISS Program strategic and tactical planning.

Name: Marissa S. Herron Company: NASA Job: Landing Support Officer. Marissa provides Soyuz emergency landing support for the International Space Station. She identifies landing tracks in the US that could be used for an emergency landing. In an actual emergency, she would help coordinate the efforts of the US military, the State Department, the FAA, US embassies, and foreign governments.

Name: Merritt L. Pratt Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., NASA-JSC White Sands Test Facility Job: Fire Chief. Our Program Assurance Department, Emergency Services Section provides asset protection for approx. $800M in NASA facilities. We are proud to provide fire, rescue and emergency medical services to the JSC-White Sands Test Facility Shuttle Operations and Materials Testing done for the ISS. The Shuttle Fleet is critical to the mission success of ISS.

Name: Kimberlee ProkhorovCompany: Lockheed Martin Job: ISS Environmental Control and Life Support Systems Engineer. I develop the ISS Emergency Response Strategy (fire, rapid depressurization, and hazardous atmosphere) and ECLSS strategy with international partners. The strategy sets the standards for flight rules and procedures. Earlier I was a Russian Training Integration Instructor helping with training ISS systems in Russia.

Name: Valeriy Prokhorov Company: United Space Alliance Job: Soyuz Instructor. I was a Soyuz instructor at Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. I met my wife Kimberlee, when she was working as a Russian Training Integration Instructor for ISS Systems. We married 2.5 years ago and Monday I start work with USA as a Soyuz instructor here at JSC.

Name: Dee Randolph Company: NASA Job: U.S. Mockups Manager. I work in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility where I manage the Space Station U.S. Laboratory and Node 1 mockups and several part-task trainers. My job is to manage the configuration of these mockups and trainers so they will support crew training, real-time mission support, engineering evaluations, and procedure development.

Name: Madhu Rao Company: Muniz Engineering Job: EEE Engineer. "Assure that the station will have reliabile EEE Parts to meet the SR&QA challenge within the budget"

Name: Randy Redford Company: NASA JSC Job: Responsible for the site's Operator Certification Program which is used to certify crane operators who perform JSC Critical Lifts o in support of International Space Station Program hardware at the JSC. Randy also monitors Critical Lifts for the Center, which ensure e the safety of hardware for all Program and Project Offices.

Names: Merri Sanchez/NASA; Joe Voor/NASA and Win Reid/USA. Job: The Increment 7 IMC team. The ISS Management Center (IMC) began fulltime staffing just prior to the launch of the 2R mission that delivered the Expedition 1 crew to the ISS. The IMC manages the integration and prioritization of all requirements executed on the ISS, and ensures that realtime requirements are properly integrated with approved requirements from the Increment planning timeframe. The IMC Increment Management Teams also track and document vehicle resources to support post-Increment Balance of Contribution discussions between the International Partners.

Name: Royce Renfrew Company: USA Job: ISS Robotics Officer (ROBO). Member of the initial cadre ROBO team. Instrumental in successful recovery efforts after a major failure of the Station arm just three weeks prior to STS-110/8A (launch did not slip). ROBO Flight Lead for ISS 8A and 13A.1. Continuous support of ISS Robotics activities.

Name: Judy Reustle Company: Lockheed Martin Job: NT System Administrator. I had the opportunity receintly to support the Benefits of Space exibit outside Lincoln, Nebraska. The truck has two main exhibit areas and they share with the public the benifits we have in our everyday lives because of what we have developed for the program. One of the purposes of the truck is to encourage the next generation of engineers and astronauts. The ISS is one of the key components for the plans of further space exploration. Using the ISS as a springboard for missions to mars is one of the exciting pieces of information that the people really enjoy. Even if only one of those people walked away from that exhibit with a hope for the future, it was all worth it. I really enjoyed being able support the ISS at this event.

Name: Dr. Jennifer Rhatigan Company: NASA Job: Currently Special Assistant to the Associate Administrator for the Office of Biological and Physical Research, detailed from JSC to HQ. I've worked on the ISS for 15 years now. At GRC, I worked on the design of the solar power system. For the last 9 years, I've worked on development of the research payloads for ISS. I'm now at NASA HQ setting up the program management systems for ISS research.

Name: Bryan Rhodes Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Electronics Engineer. I assist the JSC Frequency Management Office by providing analysis of the space-to-space communication systems used on the International Space Station. I also help maintain Johnson Space Center’s National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) Radio Frequency Authorizations (RFA).

Name: Michele Richards Company: TechTrans International Job: Logistics Specialist. I am responsible for setting up live interpreter support for all the crew members that are in training to be a member of the ISS . I also set up interpreter support as well as travel and transportation support for the different meetings held at JSC,KSC and MSFC such as ( JASWG,MMOP,JCCT,EPS,MCS, and Stafford Task Force) . We also support all Postflight activities whether it be daily transportation or interpreter support.

Name: Fadi M. Riman Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Senior Analyst. I had the opportunity and privilege to write the flight software and communication interface for the ISS Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (ISS TEPC) instrument, ISS Intra/Extra Vehicular Charged Particle Directional Spectrometer (1 IVCPDS & 3 EVCPDS) radiation devices that help with the study of crew radiation exposure on board the station.

Name: Joan A. Robertson, MT(ASCP)SC, MBA Company: Wyle Laboratories Job: Clinical Laboratory Technical Lead. The Clinical Lab performs all clinical medical lab testing on ISS crewmembers to ensure their health. We perform testing much like most people get when they see their doctor and have their blood drawn or collect a urine sample.

Name: Julie A. Robinson Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Senior Scientist. When Space Station astronauts take photographs of Earth, my team distributes them to the world. The “Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth” website got over 11 million hits last month with 533,000 images downloaded. I then collaborate with scientists to turn the photographs into research data.

Name: Michael Rodriggs Company: NASA Job: Current: ISSP, Launch Package Integration Manager; Former: MOD, ODIN Flight Controller. I lead an incredibly talented team of ODIN flight controllers in activating the US Laboratory Module on STS-98/ISS-5A. Years of tests, procedure development, system analysis and redesigns paid off when "Destiny" was successfully activated. The mission was tremendously complex. The dedication of these engineers exemplifies the best of NASA's workforce!

Name: Christine (Chris) Rodriguez Company: Washington Group International Job: As a Quality Engineer for EVA Tools my job is to insure all the EVA tools sent to the International Space Station have been tested to all required specifications and procedures. Once on the tools are on Space Station, I monitor the applicable EVA tools for their limited life criteria.

Name: Eddie Rosaldo Company: Washington Group International Job: Pressure Systems Engineer/Specialist. I review the design of pressure systems and components that are part of experiments or hardware being operated/used in the ISS in regards to their structural integrity to withstand the pressures they are designed for, thus ensuring their safe operation aboard the ISS.

Name: Randy Ross Company: InDyne Job: Television Systems Engineer. I have provided fiber optic links and TV equipment which supports the video downlinks from the Space Station. I have also installed lines for private conversation to the station for the families. We also provide video feeds through out the center from the ISS.

Names: Brenda Rouse, RN; Cheryl Young, RN; Toni Morrison, RN; Carole Porcher, RNCompany: Kelsey-SeyboldJob: Registered Nurses. In Flight Medicine our support for the International Space Station begins long before the crew member arrives on station. We assist in maintaining their health through their training, launch, return, and readaptation. We also extend our care to the crew members' families, aiding with any health issues that arise, thus hopefully lessening the crew members' concern about their loved ones awaiting their return. It requires a team to keep our long-duration flyers in tip-top health!

Name: Felicia Ann Saenz Company: Muniz Engineering Job: Administrative Assistant. Question: "What do you do to support the International Space Station?" Answer: “I wake in the cheeriest mood that I could possibly be, so that I can reach my highest level of productivity. I possess excellent and very sincere work ethics. I remind myself daily that God is my father and I need to love every person as my brothers and sisters.”

Name: Robert L. Schaf Company: NASA/DM2 Job: Aerospace Technician. I perform Space Station Integration duties for the Flight Design and Dynamics Division. This includes attending the ISS Program board meetings, evaluating Change Requests, responding to Flight Initialization Data baselines and organizing flight readiness reviews for the division. I am also an MCC flight controller in the Flight Dynamics discipline.

Name: Robert Scharf Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Imagery Scientist. As lead of the ISS External Survey activities for the Image Science and Analysis Group, I interface with other groups onsite to develop ISS Program imagery requirements for ISS external surfaces and train Shuttle crews on the ISS imagery targets identified. Post-mission, I analyze the imagery and disseminate results.

Name: Amy Schellhase Company: Barrios Technology, Inc. Job: Inventory Management System. I support the Inventory Management System (IMS). We ensure ISS hardware is barcoded (when feasible) then capture how the hardware is packed for launch. This data is loaded into the IMS database to assist the crew in locating hardware while living on ISS.

Name: Steve Schenfeld Company: NASA Job: Chairman, Joint Cargo Certification Team. I develop, negotiate, and implement bilateral processes between the US and Russia that controls the certification process for ISS cargo. I also run the “Yellow Tag” process for the ISS. Both of these activities have been challenging and eye opening, but it’s always an adventure....and fun.

Name: Joyce Schultz Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Training Coordinator for the Human Research Facility (HRF). The HRF rack contains hardware to conduct investigations into how the human body adapts to weightlessness. Delivered to ISS during Inc. 1, crewmembers have performed life sciences experiments continuously since Inc. 2. I have been responsible for seeing that hardware, software, instructors, and procedures are ready to support multiple payload training sessions.

Name: Calvin Seaman Company: NASA Job: ISS Liaison Officer at the Tsukuba Space Center, Japan. As a Human Research Facility (HRF) lead, I coordinated teams who trained the Expedition 3 and 5 crewmembers, integrated HRF payloads, and supported mission operations for all NASA human life sciences experiments on Increments 3 and 5. The Expedition crews made outstanding efforts to ensure these experiments were successful.

Name: Kelly Sharpe Company: Barrios Technology Job: Database/SW Programmer. I support the Vehicle Master Database (VMDB). To me, the conceptual hardware parts tracked within it represent the hard work of all who contribute to the station. I am continually amazed to see the station assembly, including 1000's of panels, shims, nuts and bolts, become reality in orbit.

Name: Mike Scott Job: JSC Facility Manager. Although the ISS soars at 240 miles, its heart and soul reside here at one-G. As the JSC Facility Manager, I take pride in my association with the exceptional people who make our FM Program a model for the Agency. Their efforts help keep our facilities safe and functional for the entire JSC team.

Name: Donn Sickorez Company: NASA Job: University Affairs Officer. Manage student programs so that when space station needs engineers, designers, technicians, astronauts, scientists or any other support personnel, they will be there.

Name: Lee Silveira Company: SpaceHab/NASA/JSC/OC4 Job: ISS Stowage/Integration Sub-systems Manager. Responsible for a team of people for launch and return on the Shuttle and MPLM of ISS cargoes, On-orbit analysis of stowage capabilities reporting to OC. Since the Colubia accident represent NASA/JSC at Baikonour, Kazakhstan launch site for integration of US items into Soyuz and Progress launch vehicles.

Name: Charles H. Simonds, Ph.D.Job: International Space Station Avionics and Software Office. Chuck Simonds plans and assembles the data supporting certification of all the Avionics hardware and software for flight or transmission and operation on ISS. The work continues with the Soyuz and Progress launches and the upgrade of almost all of the ISS software since the last Shuttle flight.

Name: John T. Sims Company: NASA Job: Chief of the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF) Office - The mission of the SVMF is to provide high-fidelity training for station flight crews and support personnel, support ISS engineering and mission operations evaluations and provide real-time mission support for the Space Station Program.

Name: Linda Singleton Company: InDyne, Inc./IMPASSJob: Communications Supervisor. I help support the International Space Station through communications and community outreach efforts, sharing the ISS story with the general public across the country.

Name: Susan Skeeter Company: Occupational Health Services/Kelsey-SeyboldJob: Administrative Assistant. In Occupational Health Services, it is our policy to provide our fellow workers with a safe/healthy work environment so they in turn can be at their best to provide quality workmanship that benefits our International Space Station. I am proud to be part of this team.

Name: Nicholas Skytland Company: NASA DX12/NBL Office Job: Think "PLAYING WITH SPACE LEGO'S IN A GIANT GLASS OF WATER" and you have my job. I'm a flight lead at the Sonny Carter Training Facility, home to the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. My job combines engineering and Scuba diving, a world-class facility and Astronaut EVA Training. What could be better?

Name: David Smaistrla Company: Wyle Laboratories, Inc. Job: One of the managers of the Wyle Labs contractor team in support of the JSC/Biological Systems Office biotechnology effort onboard ISS. The team supports important science experiments developed by principle investigators from the science community.

Name: Gwyn Smith Company: NASA Job: I've worked for ISS program for nearly 15 years. It’s amazing to see training actually happening as we had envisioned it during negotiations with the International Partners in the early years of the Program. Now I support the program from the Environmental Factors office, ensuring the ISS environment is safe for human space flight.

Name: Carlos E. Soares Company: Boeing Job: Lead, Space Station External Contamination. The ISS External Contamination Team performs analysis and verification of ISS hardware and supports Station operations and on-orbit anomaly resolution. The Team's activities are instrumental in ensuring that the Station induced environment onto payloads meets requirements ensuring the success of ISS as a platform for scientific experiments in low Earth orbit.

Space Station Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Shielding DevelopmentNames: Eric Christiansen, Justin Kerr, Dana Lear, Thomas Prior, Jim Hyde, Frankel Lyons, Ron Bernhard, Freeman Bertrand, Alan Davis, William Davidson, Jay LaughmanCompany: Lockheed Martin – Dana Lear, Jim Hyde, Thomas Prior, Ron Bernhard, William DavidsonGB Tech – Frankel Lyons, Freeman Bertrand, Alan Davis, Jay LaughmanNASA – Eric Christiansen, Justin KerrDescription:These people design, test, and analyze meteoroid and orbital debris (M/OD) shielding for the space station. Much of the surface of the space station is comprised of M/OD shielding, which helps protect the crew and vehicle from extremely high velocity/energy impacts from these particles. This group also performs complex computer simulations to estimate the risk posed to the station and crew over time from these impacts.

Name: Amy Spenrath Company: Bastion Technologies, Inc. Job: Book Manager. I am the Book Manager for SSP 50313, Display and Graphics Commonality Standard (DGCS), which contains the standards for developing graphic displays for all International Partners (IPs) laptops. I coordinate Panel meetings with all the IPs to develop the standards and ensure compliance, which saves the crew countless training hours.

Name: Jonette Stecklein Company: NASA JSC Job: I’ve helped create it, from a blank page to a functioning spacecraft orbiting the Earth. While working in the Space Station Program Office, I’ve had many jobs, including developing the top-level specifications, physical interface testing at KSC, and representing the program on the Safety Review Panel.

Name: Nancy L. Steisslinger Company: NASA/NE151 Job: I am a safety engineer and have worked throughout the Phase 1 Shuttle/Mir program and now on ISS, on cargo safety certification. Our joint safety teams have developed requirements and certified the safety of both NASA and Russian cargo transported on both sides' vehicles and operated on the stations.

Name: Robert Strahan Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: I write procedures that are performed on orbit to operate Human Research Facility hardware/software that support Human Life Science experiments.

Name: Sam Strauss, DO, MPH Company: Kelsey-Seybold; Aerospace Medicine/Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Job: I'm a Kelsey Seybold flight surgeon supporting astronaut training at the NBL where astronauts are trained to do their EVAs including for Space Station. I support altitude physiology training for astronauts and flight crewmembers. I'm medical officer for vacuum chamber astronaut training, and fly as a flight surgeon the KC-135 for weightlessness training and research flights.

Name: George Studor Company: NASA Job: I have developed and flown standalone wireless sensors, a 3D Scannerless LASER Video camera to measure ISS structural-dynamics, a hand-held ultrasonic leak locator, and now I am developing a system which detects MMOD impacts and alerts the crew to the location of the impact/leak.

Name: Sterling Tarver Company: Lockheed Martin Job: I am a test engineer for the Human Research Facility Racks (FR1 and FR2) and sub-rack payloads. I am also a Payload Systems Engineer operating HRF on-orbit and a crew trainer for the HRF Rack. I am involved with international ISS-module compatibility testing of the HRF (Japan/Germany).

Name: Jakki Taylor Company: Gilbane Building Company Job: Project Support Technician. We make the Space Station a success by committing to making our environment a safe workplace. Gilbane works as a team, we plan our work, prepare and practice safe work habits. We are the COD Construction Inspectors at JSC and can proudly say, we look out for others on site.

Name: Tom Taylor Company: Wyle Laboratories Job: Payloads EEE Parts, Engineering Specialist. I am one of several in a group of experienced individuals tasked with review of electronic part selections made by payload fabricators. We seek to extend the hand of support to those not as familiar with the tools, documents and failure histories in order to ensure part suitability and reliability.

Name: Thom Valin Job: Lead, NASA ISS Program Office's VIPER Team (Vehicle Integrated Performance, Environments, & Resources), with over 90 team members, responsible for managing development and analysis of the ISS's overall system architecture, integrated performance optimization, resource management, environments, integrated design & verification analysis cycles, and vehicle anomaly resolution support.

Name: Grant Threatt Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: Project Lead. Working as a hardware engineer and experiment manager, I am, in part, responsible for the leading edge deliveries of equipment for the first ISS experiment (MACE II), the first facility class payload (HRF Rack 1), and the current video teleconferencing equipment (Ku-Band Receiver). I am presently working toward flying more experiments!

Name: Kimberly Cook Company: Dyncorp/CSC/Impass Job: Senior Imaging Specialist - Miss Cook is responsible for receiving all of the downlinks (images sent down from ISS) on a daily basis. She separates them (hardware, earthObs, etc.), color corrects them and then leads them to the correct NASA internet spot. Kim is one of the people who is ISS everyday and we are proud of her!

Name: Debbie Trainor Company: NASA Job: Spaceflight Training Specialist - I am so proud to have contributed to the International Space Station as the Increment Training Integrator for Expedition 1. After years of planning for the first crew to live on ISS, it’s so exciting, to me, that we now have Expedition 7 onboard with more crews to come.

Name: Juan Manuel Traslavina Company: SAIC Job: Software Safety Engineer. For over 15 years, I have had the privilege to work with many talented engineers on various aspects of the International Space Station (ISS). I'm currently responsible for integrating software safety data for Safety & Mission Assurance (S&MA) that supports the readiness of scheduled software transitions/upgrades to the ISS.

Name: Steve Tripodi Company: USA Job: Environmental Systems Flight ControllerEarly on, EECOM was responsible for all air quality, pressure, and dewpoint management. All shuttle water transported to station has been and will be managed by EECOM. To date, that's over 20,000 lbm. We also help station get rid of it's excess water through the shuttle vent system.

Name: Josephine R. Turner Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Technical Documentation Coordinator for the Technical Documentation and Information (tdI) Center - Support SM3 - Biomedical Systems Test and Project Management Office and EB - Biomedical Systems Division in preparing and maintaining files of Experiment Documents, Human Research Facility documents, and engineering documents.

Name: Sharon Valentine Job: I helped with the development of software tools for building ISS Portable Computer Station (PCS) displays used for monitoring and commanding station systems. The efforts of my work are seen every time the crew uses the PCS.

Name: Ed Van Cise Company: NASA Job: ISS Flight Controller - TITAN console. We sit the Houston night and weekend shifts in MCC, watching over the crew and ISS systems.

Name: Dr. Anthony (Tony) Vanchu Company: TechTrans International Job: JSC Language Education Center Director/Language Instructor. I train American, Canadian, Japanese, and French astronauts to speak, understand, read, and write Russian. I also teach Centerwide Russian classes for non-astronaut personnel. Knowledge of Russian is essential for ISS crew members and others working with our Russian colleagues on station-related issues both here and in Russia.

Names: Kelly Curtis, Gabrielle Avina, Laura Steinmann, Steve Vander Ark Company: Wyle LaboratoriesJob: We support astronauts and their families. Examples of the stuff we do: psychological factors training; help families prepare for missions; coordinate family video conferences and occasional celebrity contacts; send Crew Care Packages; and ensure off-hours recreation items are available including movies, music, books, guitar, keyboard and various personal hobby items.

Name: Paula Vargas Company: InDyne, Inc. Job: Graphics Animator. I work in the Visual Communications Lab at JSC. We provide 2D and 3D digital graphics and animations that support television production, print, web, exhibits and powerpoints in order to tell the ISS story to the media and the public. Visit us at!

Name: Vasquez, Jose R (Rick)Company: NASA / EPS / SW-POC; ISS Electrical Power Systems

Job: Provide software systems engineering expertise for all Electrical Power Systems (EPS) relate issues, software oversight and concurrence on software planning documentation, FQT results, software SCR / PR resolutions, and test facility upgrade proposals.

Name: Keith Vetter Job: I write simulation software that physicists and engineers use as a tool to create simulations for on-orbit activities aboard the ISS. The simulations created are used for training astronauts to dock the shuttle with the ISS and to operate the robotic arm aboard the ISS.

Name: Bill Vincenti Job: I am an Electronics Test Technician at NASA White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico employed with Honeywell Technical Solutions Inc. Supporting thruster firings and Orbital Maneuvering Systems firings for the Space Shuttles is the main function of my duties here. I am very much enthused and honored to be a part of this team.

Name: Jim Visentine Company: Boeing Job: Project Scientist, ISS External Contamination/Plasma Verification Studies. Our job is not glamorous and well recognized, but it is very important and contributes a lot toward the mission success of the Space Station. We want to make sure the solar arrays and thermal radiators are not damaged by rocket engine plumes and don't collect excessive amounts of thin film deposits and darken under solar ultraviolet exposure. When these surfaces darken during exposure to sunlight, they can't produce as much electricity, or reject heat from the space station as efficiently.

Name: Brenda Voisine Company: Indyne, Inc.Job: Printshop Customer Service. In the printshop I schedule and process jobs to be printed for JSC personnel. The books that come to mind when the question is asked about supporting the International Space Station, is the Flight Data File books that are printed here at Building 227 that are actually flown with the astronauts.

Name: Dave Volkert Company: GB TechJob: Engineer Specialist III. Software lead supporting all disciplines of NASA ISS Thermal Control System Management in EC6 and ES3 (Internal Active, External Active, Early External, Photo-Voltaic and Passive). Also extensively involved in hardware/software integration tests and flight ops product reviews.

Name: Dennis Waggett Job: JSC Radiation Safety Officer. Provided oversight of crewmember injections as provided within the Radiation Protection Document for Radioactive Materials Used in Peripheral Subcutaneous Veno-Arteriolar Reflex Team Experiments on International Space Station Pre and Post-Flight Studies. This ISS experiment E290, "Effect of Microgravity on the Peripheral Subcutaneous Veno-Arteriolar Reflex in Humans", is commonly referred to as "Xenon1".

Name: Larry Walters Job: I negotiate requirements applicability for the Human Research Facility, document requirement exceptions, perform cost impacts for ISS requirements changes affecting HRF, and document the payload to vehicle interfaces in the Payload ICD. I performed similar functions for IMAX3D and am now also developing system level functional requirements for GFE CHeCs.

Name: Patricia Mendoza Watson Company: NASA, Program Integration Office Job: I am the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) Integration Manager. The SPDM is a robot that will aid the ISS in the performance of maintenance operations. The SPDM is a Canadian contribution and has been named Dextre by them. I am the NASA focal for the technical activities on the SPDM/Dextre and the technical information needed to integrate Dextre.Name: Robert Way:Job: As a COD Project Engineer, I was assigned a project in 1989, “Modifications to EVA Systems Facility” in Building 7. Requirement: design, fabricate, install new vacuum vessels for testing for Space Station. The design took 2 years, fabrication/installation approximately 2 years. Customer: EC/Ted Leech, COD construction support: Charles Noel.

Name: Maria (Dee) Lopez Company: USA Job: Ops/Adm.Assit.-FDF/ODF flight lead. Our department, Flight Data File-CDPA, which is composed of 19 people in our team, support International Space Station (ISS) by fabricating the cue cards used at the station as well as the books we assemble for every flight that go to the station and maintain the training books in the bases.

Name: Chris M. Weber Company: United Space Alliance Job: As a Robotics Flight Controller, I help the Robotics Systems Group Team plan, train, and execute all robotic operations aboard the ISS and Shuttle. These operations include element assembly, external maintenance, and viewing tasks for visiting vehicles. The team consists of representatives from NASA, CSA, USA, Barrios, and MDR.

Name: Edward Weisblatt Company: SAIC Job: Cognizant Engineer in the Space Station Safety and Mission Assurance Department. For the past 6 years I've been responsible for developing and improving internal support processes that effective ensure the safety of the ISS vehicle and crew.

Name: Roger H. Weiss Company: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)Job: Technical Integration Specialist. Within the ISS Research Mission Management Office (OZ4), I update monthly the ISS Research Accommodations Key Program Performance Indicators and Manager’s Level Performance Indicators – a.k.a. the “ISS Research metrics.” They are implemented and accessible Agency-wide from the One NASA MIS website. Also, I co-lead the ISS Utilization Customer Satisfaction Initiative.

Name: Dexter L. White Company: Barrios Technology, Inc. Job: Flight Controller. For 1 1/2 years in ISS MOD, I've been in training to support real-time ISS flight operations as a flight controller in the MCC-H. My duties will include monitoring and controlling ISS C&DH software and equipment, as well as providing accurate data for critical decisions affecting crew safety and mission success.

Name: Mary N. Wilkerson Company: Indyne Job: Supervisor - Still Imagery Repository. We in the Still Imagery Repository are responsible for archiving, cataloging and disseminating preflight and mission imagery supporting the ISS program. We also assist returning crewmembers in reviewing their imagery and help them prepare for their Space Center Houston Post-flight presentations.

Name: MJ Wilkinson (Dr) Company: LM Job: Scientist / geologist. I write the daily message to ISS to direct crew out-the-window photography of Earth. I have a NASA patent pending on the use of crew handheld photos in oil prospecting.

Name: Nancy Wilks Company: NASA/OM Job: I have worked on the Assembly and Configuration team since April 1994 creating the ISS Assembly Sequences and determining the strategic plan for the assembly of the International Space Station.

Name: Willie B. Williams Job: As the manager of the Code M Research Program Office, entering into Inc. 1 through Inc. 5, I have certifying 10 experiments to fly on ISS. I am now a NASA Fellow assigned to ' Inspire the next generation of explores only NASA can' , in the NASA Administrators Fellows Program(NAFP).

Names: Mike Trenchard, Justin Wilkinson, Brett McRay, Sue Runco, James Heydorn, Alan Spraggins, Kim Willis Company: Lockheed Martin, Hernandez Engineering and NASA Job: Space Station Crew Earth Operations (CEO is a Science Payload currently on-board ISS):From the TeleScience Center, Earth scientists send “flight notes” to the ISS crew every day. The information aids crewmembers to take meaningful images of Earth that reflect environmental changes over time and dynamic events such as storms, volcanic eruptions, etc. This group recently helped Ed Lu image Hurricane Claudette.

Names: Mike Trenchard, Justin Wilkinson, Julie Robinson, Cindy Evans, Kim Willis, Leslie UpchurchCompany: Lockheed Martin Job: Space Station Earth Observations Crew Training. Knowledge gained from Earth observations training is applied by station crews to take images from low-Earth orbit that yield integrated insights into the Earth system and global changes.

Names: Amanda Johnson, Julie Robinson, Brett McRay, James Heydorn Company: Lockheed Martin ob: The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth - Public Web Site. These people truly provide the “gateway” to which ordinary folks can glimpse what the ISS crew see when they look out their windows. With the click of a mouse, the public can see images of Earth taken by ISS astronauts, access information and download those images to their desktops.

Names: Richard Harper, Alan Spraggins, Barry Schroder, Jennifer Nice, Theresa Swihart, Brett McRay, Mike Trenchard, Marco Lozano Company: Lockheed Martin, Hernandez Engineering, LTZ Technology Job: Cataloging of Earth Observations Photography of the Earth from ISS. All images of the Earth taken by ISS crews are cataloged by this select group of people. Cataloging consists of the visual analysis, interpretation and compilation of the meta-data for each image, which is then put into The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth public web site. This popular web site supported over 14 million queries in the month of May!

Name: Nancy Wilson Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Payload Safety Engineer. I am the safety engineer for the Human Research Facility. I ensure each hardware item that makes up our two racks meets the applicable safety requirements. This provides assurance that the ISS crew remains safe while performing human life sciences research.

Name: Dr. Thomas L. Wilson Company: NASA, Code SR Job: Research Scientist (High-Energy Physics). Served on the Phase C/D source board that designed the original ISS configuration. Occasionally supports the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) payload program, and continuously supports NASA’s conceptual design of astrophysical payloads that may follow the AMS on ISS. JSC Program Scientist for ACCESS (Advanced Cosmic-Ray Composition Experiment for Space Station).

Name: Elton G. Witt Company: Lockheed Martin Job: Project Manager and Systems Engineer for the Human Research Facility, integrating biomedical equipment into racks for science-on-crew activities. HRF Rack 1 is currently operating. Rack 2, for which I am the integration project lead, is awaiting transport to station on ULF-1.

Name: Jeannie Wood Company: Lockheed Martin Space Operations Job: Human Research Facility (HRF) Training Coordinator. I help get the ISS crewmembers trained on the Human Life Sciences experiments that are conducted onboard the Station!

Name: Dave Wright Company: ISS Preflight Imagery Manager Job: Supporting the imagery generated by and for ISS, allows me to be a part of the World's greatest orbiting laboratory and open the World's window to see what nations can achieve by working together. Supporting ISS is supporting the future of mankind. I feel my activity with ISS Preflight imagery is my unseen legacy to my children and the future of Man's quest to know the unknown.

Name: Hong Xia, Ph.D. Company: Lockheed Martin (LMSO) Job: Software Engineer. I am working for Telescience Support Center (TSC). It is the Science Control Center for the Human Space Life Sciences flight experiments for both Shuttle and International Space Station. The TSC provides the facility and infrastructure needed to manage, monitor and control the experiment hardware activities.

Name: Wesley Zubkow Company: DynCorp JSD Job: Wesley Zubkow, Team Leader administering documentation and training for personnel maintaining astronaut training aircraft at Ellington Field, ensures employees are certified according to NASA and OSHA standards. He designs safety/technical courses, teaches, and maintains the qualification, and certification database ensuring technicians remain current in the critical tasks they perform.

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