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Astronauts have been capturing photographs of the ever-changing Earth for more than 40 years, and NASA has been cataloging and studying them since the beginning. This page is an archive of images that have been featured on the JSC Web. For more images, visit Astronaut Photography of Earth.

IMAGE: Istanbul, TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey - This metropolis of 15 million people occupies both sides of the entrance to the narrow, 32-kilometer (20-mile) long Bosporus Strait connecting the Mediterranean and Sea of Marmara to the south and the Black Sea to the north.
IMAGE: Mount Saint Helens, WashingtonMount Saint Helens, Washington - Mount St. Helens has provided unprecedented opportunities for U.S. researchers to collect scientific observations of the geology of an active volcano and document the regional ecological impact and recovery from an eruption.
IMAGE: Greenhouses of the Campo de Dalías, SpainGreenhouses of the Campo de Dalías, Spain - The sunny area south of Spain -- known as Campo -- offers more to the national economy than simply tourism. Over the past 50 years, the small coastal plain has been intensively developed for agriculture.
IMAGE: Betsiboka Estuary, MadagascarBetsiboka Estuary, Madagascar - The Betsiboka Estuary on the northwest coast of Madagascar is the mouth of Madagascar's largest river. Nearly a century of logging of Madagascar's rainforests and coastal mangroves has resulted in nearly complete clearing of the land and erosion.
IMAGE: Hurricane Catarina, BrazilHurricane Catarina, Brazil - Only two tropical cyclones had ever been noted in the South Atlantic Basin, and no hurricanes. The crew of the International Space Station acquired photos of a hurricane just as it made landfall on the southern Brazilian state of Catarina.
IMAGE: Kerman Desert, IranKerman Desert, Iran - A major dust storm rages in the Kerman Desert, just east of the city of Bam in southeastern Iran. This image was acquired by the crew of the International Space Station using a digital camera with a 50 mm lens.
IMAGE: El Paso, TexasEl Paso, Texas - This image of the El Paso-Juárez area is the 100,000th photograph of Earth that astronauts have taken from the International Space Station. The Rio Grande River forms the boundary between the cities of El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Chihuahua.
IMAGE: Great Salt Lake, UtahGreat Salt Lake, Utah - Great Salt Lake serves as a striking visual marker for astronauts orbiting over North America. The eye-catching colors of the lake stem from the fact that Great Salt Lake is hypersaline, typically 3-5 times saltier than the ocean.
IMAGE: Pearl and Hermes Reef, HawaiiPearl and Hermes Reef, Hawaii - A new technique developed by NOAA scientists has done just that -- plotted the depths of lagoon features at Pearl and Hermes Reef, Hawaii, using digital astronaut photography from the International Space Station.
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