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Tacit Knowledge Capture Project

The JSC Space Shuttle Program Tacit Knowledge Capture Project was commissioned by the JSC Chief Knowledge Officer and the Space Shuttle Program Manager.

The effort included twenty interviews with current and former key members of the Space Shuttle Program. The interviews reflect details of critical program decisions, information on management tools and processes, and lessons learned from areas of expertise. The interviews were conducted by the JSC History Office between April and July 2008, at NASA Centers in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Houston.

Arnold D. Aldrich
Intro (21K)
4-28-08 (120K)

Challenger Accident (2MB)

Ronald D. Rigney
Intro (21K)
6-3-08 (66K)

John S. Chapman
Intro (21K)
5-16-08 (144K)
Ralph R. Roe
Intro (21K)
4-29-08 (56K)

Robert C. Doremus
Intro (27K)
7-2-08 (76K)

Michael U. Rudolphi
Intro (21K)
5-15-08 (70K)
Arthur E. Goldman
Intro (21K)
6-3-08 (79K)
John P. Shannon
Intro (21K)
4-16-08 (74K)
N. Wayne Hale
Intro (21K)
4-14-08 (90K)
Loren J. Shriver
Intro (27K)
4-23-08 (94K)
Michael D. Leinbach
Intro (27K)
6-10-08 (79K)
Robert B. Sieck
Intro (27K)
7-22-08 (121K)
John F. Muratore
Intro (21K)
5-14-08 (131K)
Jerry W. Smelser
Intro (21K)
5-15-08 (67K)
Donald S. Noah
Intro (27K)
7-9-08 (65K)
John J. Talone
Intro (21K)
6-11-08 (94K)
Stephen S. Oswald
Intro (21K)
5-20-08 (98K)
Rodney O. Wallace
Intro (21K)
5-28-08 (61K)
Steve M. Poulos
Intro (27K)
6-17-08 (90K)
Rita G. Willcoxon
Intro (21K)
6-10-08 (95K)

More transcripts are available from the alphabetical list above or from the complete list of participants.

Please note: Links on the following pages are active once the Oral History transcript is archived in the JSC History Collection.

To view the newest additions to the JSC History Collection, visit the "What's New" announcement.

Transcript lists were last updated: February 12, 2013

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