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Easter, William B.
Intro (62K)
5-3-00 (133K)
Bio Sheet (62K)
Goddard Space Flight Center Liaison to the Manned Spacecraft Center (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Technical Representative to the Johnson Spacecraft Center Director (Space Shuttle Program)

Edmonds, Eugene G.
Intro (21K)
11-25-03 (27M)
12-11-03 (27M)
Bio Sheet (27K)

Photographer, Langley Research Center
Chief, General Photographic Branch, Photographic Division, Office of Technical and Engineering Services
Special Assistant, Photography and Television Technology Division
El-Baz, Farouk
11-2-09 (345K)
Geological study of the Moon
Astronaut Geology Training
(Apollo Program)
Engle, Joe H.
Intro (14K)
4-22-04 (199K)
5-5-04 (136K)
5-27-04 (184K)
6-3-04 (203K)
6-24-04 (179K)
Bio Sheet (34K)
Project Pilot, USAF X-15 Flight Research Program
Apollo and Space Shuttle Astronaut
Epps, Jeanette J.
Shuttle Astronaut
Erb, R. Bryan
Intro (61K)
10-14-99 (198K)
Bio Sheet (97K)
AVRO Engineer
Head, Thermal Analysis Section (Gemini Program)
Assistant Chief, Structures and Mechanics Division (Apollo Program)
Manager, Lunar Receiving Laboratory (Apollo Program)
Manager, Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment
Manager, Earth Resources Program Management Office (Space Shuttle Program)
Ewart, David D.
Intro (62K)
3-6-99 (105K)
Bio Sheet (88K)
AVRO Engineer
Engineer, Aerodynamics/ Navigation and Guidance Sections, Flight Systems Division (Mercury Program)
NASA Engineer, Resident Apollo Spacecraft Program Office (RASPO), North American Rockwell Corporation (Apollo Program)
Staff, Quality Assurance, Reliability, and Safety Office (Apollo Program)
JSC Resident Representative for Orbital Workshop, McDonnell Douglas Corporation (Skylab Program)
NASA Resident Manager, Rockwell International (Space Shuttle Program)
Evans, Jan M.
8-7-03 (85K)
Wife of Apollo Astronaut Ronald E. Evans
Faber, Stanley
Intro (60K)
5-8-02 (390K)
Bio Sheet (104K)
NACA Engineer
Stability and Control, Flight Research Division (Mercury Program)
Head, Flight Simulation Section (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle Programs)
Fabian, John M.
Intro (22K)
2-10-06 (211K)
Bio Sheet (34K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Faget, Maxime A.
Intro (63K)
6-18-97 (225K)
8-19-98 (76K)
Bio Sheet (137K)
NACA Engineer
Director, Engineering and Development (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs)
Fee, Nancy L.
11-28-11 (85K)

Administrative Support, Facility Management, Building 37 Apollo Mission Support, Apollo Lunar Quarantine Support

Feltz, Charles H.
Intro (61K)
3-9-99 (61K)
Bio Sheet (61K)
Chief Program Engineer/ Assistant Program Manager, Apollo Program, North American Rockwell Corporation
Fendell, Edward I.
Intro (62K)
10-19-00 (518K)
Bio Sheet (93K)
Remote Site CapCom, Mission Control (Gemini Program)
Instrumentation and Communications Officer, Mission Control (Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs)
Head, Communications Section, Flight Operations (Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs)
Fielder, Dennis E.
Intro (63K)
7-6-00 (296K)
9-13-00 (245K)
Bio Sheet (96K)
AVRO Engineer
Chief, Communication Control Techniques/ Operational Facilities, Flight Operations (Mercury and Gemini Program)
Manager, Advanced Program Planning Office, Future Programs Division
Director of Space Station Task Force, NASA Headquarters
JSC Space Station Program Office
Fisher, Anna L.
Bio Sheet (24K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Fox, Mike
Intro (23K)
10-28-04 (2MB)
Bio Sheet (26K)
United States Navy (1965-1968)
Chief, Centrifuge Test Subject Pool
Manager, Human Test Support Group, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
JSC Physiological Training Officer, Sonny Carter Training Facility
Frank, M. P.
Intro (64K)
8-19-97 (137K)
12-15-00 (220K)
Bio Sheet (96K)
Engineer/ Chief, Mission Planning and Analysis Division (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Chief, Lunar Mission Analysis Branch, MPAD (Apollo Program)
Flight Director, Mission Control (Apollo and Skylab Programs)
Co-chair, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) Mission Planning Team
Chief, Flight Control/ Flight Operations Integration Office (Space Shuttle Program)
Franklin, George C.
Intro (62K)
10-3-01 (445K)
Bio Sheet (91K)
Manager, Lunar Module Crew Station (Apollo Program)
Leader, Shuttle Orbiter Crew Station Task Team, Engineering and Development Directorate
Assistant Chief/ Chief, Spacecraft Design Division (Space Shuttle Program)
Chief, Experiments and Operations Support Division (Space Shuttle Program)
Fruland, Walter S.
9-24-09 (207K)
Protocol Officer, Public Affairs Office
Fullerton, C. Gordon
Intro (61K)
5-6-02 (327K)
Bio Sheet (133K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Chief Pilot, Dryden Flight Research Center
Funk, Jack
Intro (22K)
10-30-03 (156K)
11-5-03 (102K)
Bio Sheet (33K)
NASA Space Task Group, Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, VA
Head, Astromechanics Section, Flight Dynamics Branch
Chief, Guidance Analysis Branch
Chief, Theoretical Mechanics Branch, Guidance and Control Division (1964-1966)
Chief, Advanced Mission Design Branch
Chief, Technology Development Office
Fuqua, Don
Intro (63K)
8-21-98 (74K)
8-11-99 (183K)
Bio Sheet (93K)
Member (Florida), U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Congress
Chairman, U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Space Science and Applications
Chairman, U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Science and Technology
Member, NASA Advisory Council
Garcia, Hector
3-10-10 (180KB)
Aerospace Technologist, Gemini Trajectory Section, Flight Analysis Branch, MPAD, MOD
Auxiliary Computing Room Chief, Trajectory Support Chief, Mission Support Section
Staff Support Room positions: Trajectory Support Chief, Landing Support Officer, Winds Officer/Coordinator
Project Manager, Descent Real-Time Support
Garman, John R.
Intro (64K)
3-27-01 (335K)
4-5-01 (342K)
Bio Sheet (51K)
Guidance Software Section, Flight Software Division (Apollo Program)
Chief/ Chief, Spacecraft Software Division/ Institutional Data Systems (Skylab and Space Shuttle Programs)
Deputy Director/ Director, Mission Support (Space Shuttle Program)
Director, Information Systems Services, Space Station Program Office, NASA Headquarters
Deputy Director, Information Systems Directorate/ Chief Information Officer
Garriott, Owen K.
Intro (63K)
11-6-00 (527K)
Bio Sheet (136K)
Skylab and Space Shuttle Astronaut
Deputy Director/ Director, Science and Applications Office (Space Shuttle Program)
Program Scientist, Space Station Program Office
Gavin, Jr., Joseph G.
Intro (67K)
1-10-03 (340K)
Bio Sheet (104K)
Vice President and Director, Lunar Module Program, Project Apollo (1962-1972)
Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, Bethpage, New York
Geyer, Mark
Intro (64K)
1-26-98 (36K)
Assured Crew Return Vehicle Program Office, International Space Station
Gibson, Edward G.
Intro (62K)
12-01-00 (464K)
Bio Sheet (115K)
Skylab Astronaut
Gilbreath, Kenneth B.
Intro (64K)
2-26-30 (270K)
Bio Sheet (100K)
White Sands Test Facility, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Chief, Energy and Control Systems Branch (1964-1967)
Chief, Laboratories Branch (1968)
Chief, Engineering Office (1969)
Manager, White Sands Test Facility (1969-1972)
NASA Manned Spacecraft Center/Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
Deputy Director, Center Operations Directorate (1972-1980)
Director, Center Operations Directorate (1980-1993)
Glenn, John H.
Intro (62K)
8-25-97 (64K)
Bio Sheet (102K)
Mercury and Space Shuttle Astronaut
Goetz, Robert C.
Intro (61K)
3-12-03 (299K)
Bio Sheet (114K)
NASA Langley Research Center, Langley, VA
Aerospace Engineer (1959-1973)
Head, Flight Loads Section (1973-1976)
Chief, Dynamics Loads Branch (1976-1979)
Special Assistant to Chief, Structural Mechanics Division (1980-1982)
Director for Structures (1982-1983)
Special Assistant to the Director (1983-1984)
NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC
Manager of Structures and Dynamics, Research Technology Division (1979-1980)
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Deputy Director (1983-1986)
Technical Assistant to Center Director (1986-1987)
Gordon, Richard F.
Intro (63K)
10-17-97 (83K)
6-16-99 (223K)
Bio Sheet (105K)
Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
Greene, Jay H.
Intro (24K)
11-10-04 (156K)
12-8-04 (127K)
Bio Sheet (44K)

Flight Dynamics Officer (FIDO), Flight Control Division
Flight Director,
Mission Operations Directorate
Chief, Safety Division, Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance Directorate
Deputy Manager, National Space Transportation System (NSTS) Program
Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Exploration
Manager, Space Shuttle Vehicle Engineering Office, Space Shuttle Program
Deputy Manager for Technical Development, International Space Station Program
Chief Engineer

Gregory, Donald T.
Intro (61K)
10-20-00 (500K)
Bio Sheet (97K)
NACA Engineer
Engineer (Mercury Program)
Technical Assistant to the MSC Director (Mercury and Gemini Programs)
Executive Officer/ Management Operations, Flight Crew Operations (Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs)
Logistics Manager, Shuttle Payload Integration & Development/ Space Shuttle Program Office
Gregory, Frederick D.
Intro (28K)
4-29-04 (114K)
3-14-05 (86K)
4-18-06 (157K)
Bio Sheet (36K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Associate Administrator, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, NASA HQ
Associate Administrator, Office of Space Flight, NASA HQ
Deputy Director, NASA HQ
Griffin, Gerald D.
Intro (62K)
3-12-99 (166K)
Bio Sheet (107K)
Agena Flight Controller/ Flight Director, Mission Control (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs/ Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Flight (Operations), NASA Headquarters
Deputy Director, Dryden Flight Research Center/ Kennedy Space Center
Associate Administrator, External Relations/ NASA Transition Officer, Carter-to-Reagan Administrations/ Assistant for STS Planning, NASA Headquarters
Johnson Space Center Director (Space Shuttle Program)
Grimm, Dean F.
Intro (62K)
8-17-00 (342K)
Bio Sheet (99K)
Chief, Operations Support Section/ Project Support Office, Flight Crew Support Division (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Chief, Flight Crew Integration, Flight Crew Operations (Apollo Program)
Chief, Experiment Systems Division, Engineering and Development (Skylab and Space Shuttle Programs)
Assistant Director for Integration and Products, Engineering and Development (Space Shuttle Program)
Guy, Walter W.
Intro (23K)
10-30-06 (132K)
6 (144K)
Bio Sheet (32K)
Head, Systems Analysis Section, Life Support Systems Section, Systems Analysis Group, Environmental Control Systems Development Section, and Advanced Systems Development Section, Engineering and Development Directorate
Chief, Systems Engineering Branch, Engineering and Development Directorate
Assistant Chief, Test and Development, Engineering and Development Directorate

Deputy Chief
, Crew Systems Division, Engineering and Development Directorate
Acting Chief/Chief, Crew Systems Division, Engineering Directorate
Chief, Crew and Thermal Systems Division, Engineering Directorate
Acting Chief/Chief, Automation, Robotics, and Simulations Division, Engineering Directorate

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