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JSC Oral History Project: A-B

Aaron, John W.
Intro (97K)
1-18-00 (82K)
1-21-00 (129K)
1-26-00 (94K)
Bio Sheet (101K)

EECOM Officer, Mission Control (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Manager, Space Station Freedom Program

Abbott, Matthew R.
Intro (97K)
7-23-09 (120K)

Flight Director

Accola, Anne L.
Intro (28K)
3-16-05 (164K)
3-17-05 (110K)
Bio Sheet (32K)

Engineer, Mission Planning and Analysis Division
Space Shuttle Guidance, Navigation and Control Specialist, Training Division
Simulation Supervisor, Training Division
Head, Orbit/Computer Section, Training Division
Manager, Schedules and Flow Management Office, Mission Operations Directorate
Capability Project Manager, Space Station Projects Office
Director, Planning and Analysis Division, Space Station Program Office, NASA HQ
Manager, Mission Integration Office, NASA HQ
Deputy Director, Office of Space, U.S. Department of Energy, (detailed from NASA)
Special Assistant for Program Management to the Deputy Administrator, NASA HQ
Staff Director and Executive Secretary, NASA Advisory Council, NASA Headquarters

Aldrich, Arnold D.
Intro (56K)
6-24-00 (539K)
5-24-02 (525K)
4-28-08 (878K)
Bio Sheet (104K)

Challenger Accident (2MB)
Remote Tracking Site and GNC Officer, Mission Control (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Deputy Manager, Skylab Program
Manager, Space Shuttle Program
Associate Administrator, Office of Aeronautics and Space Exploration, NASA Headquarters (Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs)
Associate Administrator, Office of Space Systems, NASA Headquarters (Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs)
Alexander, S. Jean
Intro (61K)
6-23-98 (64K)
Space Suit Technician, Crew System Division (Space Shuttle Program)
Algranti, Joseph S.
Intro (61K)
8-10-98 (50K)
Bio Sheet (98K)

NACA Pilot
Chief, Aircraft Operations Office (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs)
Allen, Joseph P.
Intro (29K)
1-28-03 (90K)
3-16-04 (78K)
3-18-04 (100K)
11-18-04 (80K)
4 -18-06 (126K)
Bio Sheet (32K)
Shuttle Astronaut
NASA Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs
Anders, William A.
Intro (62K)
10-8-97 (59K)
Bio Sheet (68K)
Apollo Astronaut
Annexstad, John O.
Intro (62K)
3-15-02 (513K)
Bio Sheet (122K)
Lunar Scientist (Apollo Program)
Associate Curator of Antarctic Meteorites and Lunar Samples
Arabian, Donald D.
Intro (62K)
2-3-00 (232K)
Bio Sheet (113K)
NACA Engineer
Systems Engineer, Mission Control (Mercury Program)
Engineer (Gemini Program)
Chief, Test Division/ Mission Evaluation Room (Apollo Program)
Armitage, Peter J.
Intro 62(K)
8-20-01 (409K)
Bio Sheet (94K)
AVRO Engineer
Engineer (Gemini Program)
Deputy Chief, Landing and Recovery Division (Apollo Program)
Manager, Lunar Receiving Laboratory (Apollo Program)
Assistant Director, Space and Life Sciences Directorate (Space Shuttle Program)
Armstrong, Neil A.
Intro (84K)
9-19-01 (908K)
Bio Sheet (130K)
NACA Pilot
Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
Barnes, Geneva B.
Intro (117K)
3-26-99 (59K)
Office of NASA Public Affairs, NASA Headquarters
Barton, Elmer E.
Intro (59K)
4-12-00 (306K)
Chief of Engineering and Facilities, Pad 19, Cape Kennedy
Battin, Richard H.
Intro (60K)
4-18-00 (138K)
Bio Sheet (110K)
Engineer, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Apollo Program)
Bean, Alan L.
Intro (60K)
6-23-98 (95K)
2-23-10 (109K)
Bio Sheet (100K)
Apollo and Skylab Astronaut
Beckett, Archie R.
Intro (58K)
1-21-03 (403K)
Bio Sheet (102K)
White Sands Test Facility, Las Cruces, NM
, Ground Support Equipment and Mechanical Systems Branch
Technical Manager, LTV Contract
Head of Mechanical and Facilities Branch
Manager, Shuttle Site Activation
Beck, Harold D.
Intro (22K)
12-9-04 (118K)
Bio Sheet (33K)
Aeronautical Engineer
Head, Lunar Trajectory Section, MPAD
Assistant Chief, Mission Analysis Branch, MPAD
Manager, Flight Planning Branch, MPAD
Chief, Mission Design Development Branch, MPAD
Chief, Mission Definition Branch, Systems Engineering Division
Bell, Larry E.
Intro (60K)
6-26-01 (345K)
Bio Sheet (97K)
Engineer/ Manager, Environmental Control and Life Support Systems, Crew Systems Division (Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs)

Bennett, Floyd V.
Intro (21K)
10-22-03 (149K)
Bio Sheet (38K)

NACA Aerospace Technologist, Member of the Space Task Group
Chief of the Lunar Landing Branch,
Chief of the Landing Analysis Branch,
Chief Mission Integration Branch,
Manager for Computer Systems Integration, Space Shuttle Program Office

Berry, Charles A.
Intro (59K)
4-29-99 (163K)
Bio Sheet (125K)

Flight Surgeon/ Aeromedical Doctor, Mission Control (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Director, Medical Research and Operations (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab Programs)
Berry, Ronald L.
Intro (60K)
10-18-00 (348K)
Bio Sheet (101K)
Engineer/ Chief, Mission Planning and Analysis Division (Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab Programs)
Director, Mission Support Directorate (Space Shuttle Program)
Director, Information Systems Directorate (Space Shuttle Program)
Biggs, Charles A.
Intro (57K)
8-1-02 (438K)
Bio Sheet (106K)

Illustrator; Manager of JSC Exhibits Program; Commentator - Public Affairs;
Deputy Director of USA-USSR TV during Apollo-Soyuz Test Project;
Chief Public Services Branch

Bigham, James P.
Intro (28K)
5 26-90 (114K)
Flight Crew Support; Shuttle Manager, Flight Crew Intengration Division; Technical Assistant, Engineering Analysis Division; Advanced Projects Manager, Avionics System Division
Bingman, Charles F.
Intro (60K)
4-9-00 (128K)
Bio Sheet (101K)
Chief, Management Analysis Division (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Deputy Director for Management Programs, NASA Headquarters (Apollo Program)
Blackburn, Gregory
Intro (17K)
5-4-09 (152K)
JSC Facilities OHP
Avionics Systems Lab
Blaha, John E.
Intro (22K)
12-3-04 (92K)
8-18-06 (120K)
Bio Sheet (45K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Bluford, Guion S.
Intro (18K)
8-2-04 (197K)
Bio Sheet (55K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Blume, Donald D.
Intro (57K)
9-21-02 (129K)
Bio Sheet (69K)
Chief, Security Office, NASA Space Task Group, Langley AFB, Hampton, VA
JSC - Chief, Security Division
Chief, Management Services Division
Assistant to the Director of Center Operations
Bobko, Karol J.
Intro (60K)
2-12-02 (405K)
Bio Sheet (111K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Bogard, Donald
Lunar Sample Principal Investigator, Planetary Materials Research, Lunar Receiving Laboratory
Bolden, Charles F.
Intro (14K)
1-6-04 (303K)
1-15-04 (237K)
Bio Sheet (53K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Assistant Deputy Administrator, NASA Headquarters
Bond, Aleck C.
Intro (64K)
8-25-98 (87K)
9-3-98 (107K)
7-15-99 (102K)
Bio Sheet (123K)
NACA Engineer
Manager, Systems Test and Evaluation (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Assistant Director, Chemical and Mechanical Systems (Apollo and Skylab Programs)
Assistant Director, Program Support (Space Shuttle Program)
Borman, Frank F.
Intro (61K)
4-13-99 (152K)
Bio Sheet (102K)
Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
Bostick, Jerry C.
Intro (62K)
2-23-00 (219K)
6-24-00 (180K)
Bio Sheet (106K)
Flight Dynamics Officer, Mission Control (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Director, Energy Technology Applications Division, Office of Energy Programs, NASA Headquarters
Deputy Manager, Space Shuttle Program
Bourland, Charles T.
Intro (22K)
4-7-06 (189K)
Bio Sheet (32K)
Project Leader, Deputy Manager, Section Manager, Technology Incorporated
Research Scientist, Lockheed Engineering and Management Services Company
Subsystem Manager, Space Station Food, Space and Life Sciences Directorate
Aerospace Technician, Life Support Studies, Space and Life Sciences Directorate
Bowen, Maureen
Bio Sheet (21K)
Administrative Officer, Missions Operations Directorate
Administrative Support 1962-2008
Brand, Vance D.
Intro (64K)
7-25-00 (196K)
4-12-02 (364K)
Bio Sheet (117K)
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) and Space Shuttle Astronaut
Deputy Director, Aerospace Projects, Dryden Flight Research Center
Brandenburg, James
Intro (17K)
5-7-2009 (124K)
JSC Facilities OHP
Mission Control Center
Brandenstein, Daniel
Intro (60K)
1-19-99 (136K)
Bio Sheet (121K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Brinkley, Randy
Intro (61K)
1-15-98 (80K)
1-25-98 (42K)

Program Manager, International Space Station Program Office
Mission Director, Hubble Space Telescope repair mission

Brinkmann, John R.
Intro (61K)
3-16-01 (223K)
Bio Sheet (94K)
NACA Photographic Laboratory Technician
Chief, Photographic Technology Division (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab Programs)
Brooks, Melvin F.
Intro (60K)
3-25-00 (188K)
Bio Sheet (59K)
Agena Flight Controller, Mission Control (Gemini Program)
Assistant Chief, Experiments Systems/ Payload Operations (Apollo Program)
European Space Agency (ESA)/ NASA Spacelab Liaison (Space Shuttle Program)
Burtzlaff, Irvin J.
10-14-09 (109K)
JSC Facilities OHP

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