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[jsc2013e013367 -- Ryazanskiy]

Biographical Data

Sergey Nikolaevich RyazanskIy
Soyuz TMA-M Flight Engineer
ISS Flight Engineer
Test Cosmonautof Roskosmos (Russia)
No spaceflight experience

BIRTHDATE AND BIRTHPLACE:Born 14 November, 1974 in Moscow.

PERSONAL DATA: Ryazansky is married. There are three children in the family. His parents,
Tatyana Yuryevna and Nikolay Mikhailovich Ryazansky, reside in Moscow.

EDUCATION: In 1991 graduated from school # 520 in Moscow and entered the Moscow State University, which he graduated from in 1996 as a biochemist.
In 2000 he graduated from the post-graduate course of the Russian Federation State Science Center at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
In 2006 he presented a Ph.D. thesis in biology, specializing in physiology and aerospace/naval medicine, his work entitled “Particular features of autokinetic motion in microgravity”.

EXPERIENCE: Upon graduation from the Moscow State University from July 1996 to February 2003 he was working at the Institute of Biomedical Problems as a junior scientist, scientist and senior scientists. He mostly specialized in development and testing means of preventive measures to microgravity adverse impact.    

SPACEFLIGHT TRAINING: In June 2003 he was selected as a cosmonaut candidate of the IBMP Cosmonaut Corps. From June 2003 to July 2005 he was taking basic training at the GCTC. Following  successful evaluation he was certified as a cosmonaut-researcher.
From March 2007 to September 2011 he was taking advanced training at GCTC.
In spring of 2009 S. Ryazansky was a crew commander of a 105-day-long isolation experiment in the framework of the Mars-500 Project.
In November 2010 the Interdepartmental Certification Board certified him as a test cosmonaut.
Since December 2010 he is a test cosmonaut of the GCTC Cosmonaut Corps.
He is assigned to the E35/36 Backup Crew and since September 2011 takes training as the Soyuz TMA-M and ISS Flight Engineer.

HONORARY AWARDS: He is an honoured space hardware test engineer. Is awarded with   Yu. A.Gagarin and M.S. Ryazansky medals of Russian Federation of Cosmonautics. Has NASA certificate for personal contribution to the Bion-11 International Project and a diploma for significant contribution to the SFINCSS International 240-day-long spaceflight simulation experiment.

HOBBIES: Numismatics, playing the guitar, tourism, sport games.

JULY 2013