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Biographical Data

Kozeev, Konstantin Mirovich
Test cosmonaut of the Energia Rocket/Space Corporation (RSC)

PERSONAL: Born December 1, 1967, in Kaliningrad (now Korolyev), Moscow region, Russia. His father, Mir N. Kozeev, born 1941, is retired. His mother, Alexandra F. Kozeev, born 1943, works at the Energia RSC.

EDUCATION: Graduated from secondary school # 5, Kaliningrad, in 1983; 1981 to 1987 he studied at Kaliningrad Technical School of Mechanical Engineering; in 1992 graduated from the University extension of Moscow Aviation Technology institute.

EXPERIENCE: Upon graduation from Kaliningrad Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in 1987, he was qualified as a technician/mechanic. In 1987 Kozeev was called to service in the Soviet Army. In 1989 he completed his military service and worked as a speed skating coach in the Vympel sport club in Kaliningrad, Moscow region. Konstantin Kozeev holds the Master of sports title in speed skating. He participated in national and international contests as the Moscow region speed skating team member. In 1991 he finished his career in sports.

In March 1991 Kozeev was employed by the Energia RSC as a technician. He attended the University extension of Moscow Aviation Technology institute named after K. Tsiolkovsky, specializing in composite non-metallic materials studies; upon graduation in 1992 he was qualified as a process engineer and resumed his work at the Energia RSC as an engineer and test engineer. He was assigned with developing technical documentation for tests and training in simulated zero-gravity in a pool, in an airplane and at a dynamic stand. Kozeev participated in tests and training as an operator and an EVA specialist.

In 1996 Konstantin Kozeev was selected to the Energia RSC cosmonaut corps as a test cosmonaut candidate.

GCTC EXPERIENCE: In 1999, having completed basic training and evaluation at the Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, he was qualified for flight assignment as a test cosmonaut.

Since 1999 he undergoes training in the ISS group.

Presently Konstantin Kozeev is assigned to the ISS Taxi-1 backup crew and the ISS Taxi-2 mission primary crew as a flight engineer.