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Johnson Space Center team members pay their respects to fallen Houston Fire Department heroes
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Officers from JSCís Protective Services Division raise, fly and lower a flag above Building 30ís Mission Control in honor of the four Houston Fire Department (HFD) firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty on May 31.
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An American flag flies proudly in honor of the firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty.
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HFD officials and firefighters from Engine 71 and Engine 72 folding the flag after it was flown above Mission Control.
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JSC official Ms. Diana Norman presented condolence letters from JSC Director Ellen Ochoa, which will be given to the families along with the flown flag.
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HFD Chaplain Mark Walker, representing the Union Hall for Fire Fighters, leads a prayer for the four fallen HFD fire fighters and their families to conclude the flag-raising ceremony. Chaplain Walters received the flags, which will be presented to the families at their private funeral ceremonies.
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HFD and JSC officials on the roof of Mission Control with the Houston skyline in the background.
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More than 100 JSC employees came out to show their support for the Houston Fire Department and to observe the flag-raising ceremony.

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