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Starport offers a galaxy of services for JSC employees

Johnson Space Center employees are invited to dock, refuel and relax at the Starport.

Starport, also known as the JSC Exchange, is an umbrella of services including the two on-site cafés, catering, vending services, gift shops and Gilruth Center.

“We developed the name ‘Starport’ to represent the idea of a place where JSC employees can come to dock and replenish,” said Deborah Conder, manager of Starport operations. “The services we provide for our workforce are just that: places where employees can come and replenish during their typical hectic, busy days.”

But Starport brings with it more than just a new name; many improvements are being made at various Starport facilities.

“We are in an exciting period of transition with a number of new initiatives underway or completed,” said Conder.

One major change is the awarding of the food services contract to Sodexho, a premier food-service company. The outsourcing of food services is expected to bring in high-quality products and a wide variety of healthier, trendier dining choices.

“Sodexho will be offering high-quality dining options with something for everyone,” said Delene Sedillo, alternate Starport manager. “They will offer their signature program, ‘Your Health, Your Way,’ to help the JSC workforce make smart food choices with tasty foods that are high in essential nutrients which will be available at all the food stations in the cafés and also in the vending machines.” Nutritional information will be provided, and point-of-sale systems will be installed in both cafés so that customers can pay by credit card.

Along with the food service provider changing, the Building 11 Café itself is getting a major face-lift. It will have an open food-court layout, making it easier for customers to decide on food choices, and construction should be complete in early 2005. See this story -- -- for more information.

Starport Fitness, located at the Gilruth Center, is also getting some attention. A major renovation of the Gilruth will give the facility increased square footage, two new exercise rooms, larger men's and women's locker and shower facilities and an expanded weight room.

Other changes within the Starport program include the completed remodeling of both gift shops and the upcoming JSC Wellness Program, which will provide a more integrated focus and delivery on individual health, fitness and wellness for the entire JSC family.

The Web sites for all Starport services are currently being overhauled, as well, and will offer updated online services to employees.

“We are excited to revamp our Web sites to better meet the overall communication needs of the JSC team,” said Conder. For example, the new food services program Web site will offer online ordering capabilities, nutrition and better menu information.

“We also plan on having a calendar with all the events that Starport will be hosting throughout the year so that you can easily see activities and events such as when you need to register your baseball team for the next season,” said Sedillo. “Point of contact information for each of Starport’s functional areas will be readily available so that the JSC workforce will know who to call.”

Employees are encouraged to keep checking JSC Features for the latest Starport news as these changes are implemented.

“Starport is for you!” said Conder. “Starport is the place that you can rely on to help you achieve a little replenishment throughout your busy work schedules.”

Kendra Phipps
Johnson Space Center, Houston
(281) 483-9268

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