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The Johnson Space Center fiscal year starts October 1 every year and ends September 30. In the past, JSC management compiled an annual report that coincided with the end of each fiscal year, summarizing the Center's activities and accomplishments. JSC is no longer creating an annual report. This collection contains the JSC annual reports for 1997 through 2001.
STS-105 spacewalk

During 2001, "JSC supported two programs simultaneously... Making such difficulties look routine is a testament to the Center's workforce and the amount of teamwork built around the Agency for those involved in our two flight programs."

-- Roy Estess, JSC acting director

2000 (2.5 Mb PDF)
International Space Station,  Sept. 2000

"Year 2000 was a year to celebrate. We were 'off the planet' to stay -- and Johnson Space Center continued to improve life on our planet through the human enterprise of space exploration."

-- Roy Estess, JSC acting director

First female shuttle commander Eileen Collins, July 1999

1999 was a year "of great achievement for the Johnson Space Center. From launching the initial elements of the International Space Station to making historic discoveries in research, it was a year of unprecedented accomplishment."

-- George Abbey, JSC director

STS-91 Commander Charles Precourt, left, and Mir Commander Talgat Musabayev aboard Mir, June 1998

"1998 was an historic year for the Johnson Space Center. As NASA's lead center for human space flight, we established important pathways to the future with our continued program success."

-- George Abbey, JSC director

Hubble Space Telescope serviced by space shuttle,  Feb. 1997

"1997 demonstrated again the exceptional talent, the unmatched dedication and the unparalleled commitment of our people. Their accomplishments exemplify the spirit of exploration that will carry the nation and the world forward."

-- George Abbey, JSC director

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