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Calio, Anthony J.
4-12-00 (181K)
Bio Sheet (92K)
Engineer, Electronics Research Center (Gemini Program)
Chief, Instrumentation and Systems Integration Branch, NASA Headquarters (Gemini Program)
Director, Science and Applications Directorate (Apollo Program)
Associate Administrator, Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications, NASA Headquarters (Space Shuttle Program)
Carley, Richard R.
3-2-99 154(K)
Bio Sheet (62K)
AVRO Engineer
Engineer, Control and Guidance Systems (Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Engineer, Electronics Research Center (Apollo Program)
Carlton, Robert L.
3-29-01 (197K)
4-10-01 (329K)
4-19-01 (430K)
10-26-01 (104K)
Bio Sheet (34K)
Agena Flight Controller, Flight Operations (Gemini Program)
Lunar Module Control Engineer, Mission Control (Apollo Program)
Head, Guidance and Control Section, Flight Operations (Apollo Program)
Technical Assistant for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Technical Assistant for the Approach and Landing Tests and Data Systems and Analysis (Space Shuttle Program)
Carpenter, M. Scott
3-30-98 (62K)
1-27-99 (69K)
Bio Sheet (102K)
Mercury Astronaut
Carr, Gerald P.
10-25-00 (182K)
Bio Sheet (123K)
Skylab Astronaut
Carruthers, George R.
3-25-99 (95K)
Bio Sheet (12K)
Principal Investigator for the Apollo 16 Far UV Camera/Spectrograph
Cassetti, Marlowe D.
12-21-98 (118K)
5-10-99 (110K)
Bio Sheet (92K)
Engineer, Mission Analysis, Flight Operations (Mercury Program)
Chief, Guidance and Performance Branch, Flight Operations (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Mission Planning Manager (Skylab Program)
Chief, Flight Software Division/ Chief, Systems Engineering, Information Data Systems Division (Space Shuttle Program)
NASA Project Manager, Air Force Shuttle Operations and Planning Center, Falcon Air Force Base, Colorado
Catterson, A. Duane
2-17-00 (166K)
Bio Sheet (97K)
Flight Surgeon/ Aeromedical Doctor (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Assistant Chief/ Deputy Director, Medical Research and Operations Division (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs)
Cernan, Eugene A.
12-11-07 (156K)
Bio Sheet (31K)
Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
Chaffee, Norman H.
119-06 (154K)
1-25-06 (136K)
1-31-06 (167K)
2-7-06 (215K)
Bio Sheet (33K)
Head, Analysis and Application Section, Propulsion and Power Division
Special Assistant, Program Support, Propulsion and Power Division
Deputy Chief, Propulsion and Power Division
Assistant Manager for Integration, Space Station Program Office;
Deputy Chief,
Propulsion and Power Division
Manager, Systems Engineering and Integration, Lunar/Mars Exploration Office
Acting Manager, Lunar/Mars Exploration Program Office
Deputy Chief, Automation, Robotics and Simulation Division, Engineering Directorate
Deputy Manager, Biomedical Hardware Development and Engineering Office, Engineering Directorate
Chambers, Thomas V.
1-20-00 (147K)
Bio Sheet (97K)
AVRO Engineer
Chief/ Manager, Control Systems Development (Apollo and Skylab Programs)
Deputy Chief/ Chief, Avionics Systems Engineering Division (Space Shuttle Program)
Charles, John B.

Physiologist, Biophysicist
Mission Scientist,
Shuttle-Mir Program
Associate Manager,
International Science, Human Research Program
Lead, Space Life Sciences Planning for joint US/Russian one-year mission on ISS
Chiao, Leroy
9-19-11 (164K)

Space Shuttle Astronaut
Chilton, Robert G.
4-5-99 (195K)
Bio Sheet (94K)
NACA Engineer
Assistant Chief, Spacecraft Technology Division (Mercury and Gemini Programs)
Chief, Guidance and Control Division (Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs)
Chretien, Jean-Loup
5-2-02 (373K)
5-8-02 (236K)
Bio Sheet (113K)
ESA/ CNES Astronaut, France
Cosmonaut Researcher, Soviet Union
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Clancy, Terry
7-14-09 (277K)
STS-124 HIstory
Flight Activities Officer (FAO)
Cleave, Mary L.
3-5-02 (300K)
Bio Sheet (110K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Deputy Program Manager/ Manager, SeaWIFS, Goddard Space Flight Center
Deputy Associate Administrator for Earth Science, NASA Headquarters
Clements, Henry E. "Pete"
3-31-98 (106K)
Bio Sheet (91K)
Chief, Flight Support Division (Gemini and Apollo Program)
Executive Officer, Office of the Administrator, NASA Headquarters, (Apollo Program)
Technical Assistant to the JSC Director (Space Shuttle Program)
Coats, Michael L.
1-4-08 (NASA at 50)
Bio Sheet (32K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Director, Johnson Space Center
Cohen, Aaron
9-25-98 (144K)
5-12-99 (182K)
Bio Sheet (175K)
Engineer, Systems Engineering Division (Apollo Program)
Manager, Command and Service Modules/ Orbiter Section (Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs)
Director, Engineering and Development (Space Shuttle Program)
Director, Johnson Space Center (Space Shuttle Program)
Cohn, Stanley H.
10-19-98 (82K)
Bio Sheet (57K)
AVRO Engineer
Mathematician/ Computer Specialist (Mercury Program)
Collins, Michael
10-8-97 (98K)
Bio Sheet (103K)
Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
Cooper, L. Gordon
5-21-98 (107K)
Bio Sheet (103K)
Mercury and Gemini Astronaut
Coplin, Jamye F.
11-12-08 (129K)
Secretary, Astronaut Office
Cortright, Edgar M.
8-20-98 (134K)
Bio Sheet (95K)
NACA Engineer
Chief of Advanced Technology, NASA Headquarters (Mercury Program)
Assistant Director for Lunar and Planetary Programs, NASA Headquarters (Apollo Program)
Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications (Apollo Program)
Director, Langley Research Center
Cour-Palais, Burton G.
3-1-04 (169K)
Bio Sheet (44K)
Senior Structures Engineer, Flight Systems, NASA Space Task Group, Langley Research Center
Aerospace Technologist
Assistant Chief, Meteoroid Environment Section
Manager, Apollo Subsystem Meteoroid Protection
Chief, Meteoroid Sciences Branch, Space Physics Division
Scientific Specialist, Meteoroid Sciences and Hypervelocity Impact Physics
Space Scientist, Troposphere Project, Environmental Effects Office
Aerospace Technologist, Technical Planning Office
Senior Scientist, Space Science Branch, Solar System Exploration Division
Space Scientist, Planetary Studies Branch, Solar System Exploration Division
Covert, Eugene E.
6-22-99 (129K)
Bio Sheet (113K)
Member, Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Rogers Commission), Washington, D.C.
Covey, Richard O.
11-1-06 (148K)
11-15-06 (150K)
2-7-07 (126K)
3-28-07 (115K)
Bio Sheet (45K)
Shuttle Astronaut
Deputy Chief (Acting), Astronaut Office
Acting Director, Flight Crew Operations Directorate
Craig, Mark K.
3-24-06 (174K)
4-11-06 (85K)
5-2-06 (119K)
Bio Sheet (37K)
Co-op Student (1967-1969)
Aerospace Engineer, Engineering Directorate
Subsystem Manager - Integration Manager, Solid Rocket Booster separation system, Space Shuttle Program
Head, Flight Debris Team, Space Shuttle Program
Lead Engineer, Concept Development Group, Space Station Task Force, NASA HQ
Asst. Manager (Engineering) - Manager (acting), Systems Engineering & Integration, Space Station Program Office
Special Assistant for Space Shuttle, Engineering Directorate
Deputy Manager, Mars Rover Sample Return Project
Manager, Lunar & Mars Exploration Program
Assistant Administrator (acting), Office of Exploration, NASA HQ
Director for Space Exploration (acting), Office of Aeronautics, Exploration, & Technology, NASA HQ
Manager for Technical Projects, Space Station Projects Office
Architect of NASA Strategic Plan, Office of the Administrator, NASA HQ
Deputy Center Director - Center Director (acting), NASA Stennis Space Center
Associate Center Director (Space Development & Commerce), NASA Johnson Space Center (2002-2005)
Consultant on space exploration to museums & themed attractions
VP, NASA Account Manager, SAIC
Creighton, John O.
5-3-04 (205K)
Bio Sheet (38K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Deputy Manager, Operations Integration, Shuttle Program Office
Head, Mission Support Branch, Astronaut Office, Flight Crew Operations Directorate
Head, Operations Development Branch, Astronaut Office, Flight Crew Operations Directorate
Crews, Albert H.
8-6-07 (73K)
Bio Sheet (28K)
Aerospace Technologist, Flight Crew Operations Directorate
Aerospace Technologist, Engineering and Development Directorate
Aerospace Engineer and Pilot, Aircraft Operations Office, Flight Crew Operations Directorate
Technical Assistant for Operations, Aircraft Operations Division, Flight Operations Directorate
Crews, Jeanne L.
8-6-07 (138K)
Bio Sheet (33K)
Aeronautical Engineer Flight Crew Operations Directorate
Engineer, Spacecraft/Aircraft Experiments Systems, Experiments Systems Division
Engineer, Space Environmental Office, Planetary and Earth Sciences Division, Space and Life Sciences Directorate
Engineer/Supervisory Management, Space Science Branch, Solar System Exploration Division,Space and Life Sciences Directorate
Crippen, Robert L.
5-26-06 (265K)
Bio Sheet (33K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Cunningham, R. Walter
5-24-99 (156K)
Bio Sheet (111K)
Apollo Astronaut
Curry, Donald M.

Atmospheric Reentry Materials and Structures Evaluation Facility
Cuzzupoli, Joseph W.
1-19-99 (119K)
Bio Sheet (69K)
Assistant Program Manager, Apollo Program, North American Rockwell Corporation
Vice President of Operations, Space Division, North American Rockwell Corporation
Vice President and Program Manager, Space Shuttle Orbiter Project, Rockwell International
Davis, Hubert P.
7-28-09 (211K)
Engineer, Manager, Power Propulsion Branch
Spacecraft Certification Test Program
Manager, Future Programs
Manager, Space Shuttle Payloads Accommodations Branch
Davis, Larry D.
2-15-07 (168K)
2-28-07 (118K)
Bio Sheet (29K)
Aerospace Engineer, Trajectory, MPAD
Supervisor, Orbit Design Section, Flight Design Branch, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, MOD
Supervisor, Flight Design Manager Office, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, MOD
Chief, Flight Analysis Branch, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, MOD
Chief, Space Shuttle Design Integration Office, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, MOD
Deputy Chief, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, MOD
Deputy Chief, Operations Division, MOD
Assistant to the Chief, Operations Division, MOD
Chief, Operations Division, MOD
Dawson, James P.
4-19-99 (58K)
Chief, Engineering and Operations Branch, Space and Life Sciences Division (Apollo Program)
Co-Investigator for Lunar Samples, Apollo Lunar Science Team, Space and Life Sciences Division
DeFife, John E.
5-16-00 (239K)
Bio Sheet (20K)
Engineer, Advanced Space Technology Division/ Flight Technology, Engineering and Development (Gemini and Apollo Programs)
Engineer, Space Shuttle Engineering Office/ Orbiter Systems Integration
Manager, Computer Support Office, Systems Engineering Division, Advanced Programs Office, Engineering and Development (Space Shuttle Program)
Head, Engineering Network Section, Network/Communications, Information Systems (Space Shuttle Program)
Deiterich, Charles F.
5-16-00 (217K)
Bio Sheet (28K)
Retrofire Officer / Flight Dynamics Officer, Flight Control Division
Chief, Ascent/Entry Procedures Section, Flight Activities Branch, Crew Training and
Procedures Division, Flight Operations Directorate
Chief, Operations Branch, Operations Division, Mission Operations Directorate
Manager, JSC Range Safety
Deputy Chief, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, Mission Operations Directorate
FADS Manager, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, Mission Operations
Chief, Integrated Planning System Office, Mission Operations Directorate
Dittemore, Ronald D.
8-24-07 (102K)

Propulsion Systems Engineer & Flight Control Officer, Flight Control Division,
Guidance and Propulsion Systems Branch

Space Shuttle Flight Director,
MOD, Flight Director Office
Deputy Assistant Director,
Space Station Program, MOD
Deputy Manager,
Space Shuttle Program Integration and Operations Office
Space Shuttle Program Integration Office
Space Shuttle Vehicle Engineering Office

Donlan, Charles J.
4-27-98 (103K)
Bio Sheet (101K)
NACA Engineer
Associate Director (Research and Development) of Project Mercury
Associate/ Deputy Director, Langley Research Center
Deputy Associate Administrator (Technical), Manned Spaceflight, NASA Headquarters (Apollo and Skylab Programs)
Acting Director Advanced Missions Program Office, NASA Headquarters
Acting Director Space Shuttle Program Office, NASA Headquarters
Duffy, Brian
6 -21-04 (198K)

Bio Sheet (43K)
Space Shuttle Astronaut
Duke, Charles M.
3-12-99 (178K)
Bio Sheet (101K)
Apollo Astronaut
Duke, Michael B.
10-13-99 (120K)
Bio Sheet (104K)
Lunar Sample Curator (Apollo Program)
Chief, Solar System Exploration Division, Space and Life Sciences (Space Shuttle Program)
Manager for Program Science, New Initiatives Office
Assistant Director for Space Science (Space Shuttle Program)
Dumis, Charles L.
3-1-02 (446K)
4-4-02 (310K)
Bio Sheet (94K)
EECOM Officer, Mission Control (Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle Programs)
Engineer, Vehicle Systems Integration Office, Flight Operations (Space Shuttle Program)
Engineer, Space Station Operations Integration Office, Flight Operations
Dunbar, Bonnie J.
12-22-04 (144K)
1-20-05 (117K)
3-23-05 (157K)
9-14-05 (110K)
Bio Sheet (43K)
Payload Officer/Flight Controller
Guidance and Navigation Officer/Flight Controller
Project Officer/Payload Officer, Payload Operations Division
Shuttle Astronaut
Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences, NASA Headquarters
Assistant Director, Mission Operations Directorate
Assistant Director, NASA JSC, University Research
Deputy Associate Director, Biological Sciences and Applications
Associate Director, Technology Integration and Risk Management
Dupree, Clifford K.
5-5-09 (112K)
JSC Facilities OHP
Building 9

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