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NASA Oral History Project:
Ballistic Missile Development Pioneers

This NASA Oral History Project captures the contributions from these individuals in regard to the development of ballistic missiles.

Mettler, Ruben F.
Intro (52K)
4-7-99 (83K)

Ballistic Missile Engineer
Chairman and CEO, TRW, Inc.

Ramo, Simon
Intro (52K)
4-6-99 (138K)
Co-founder TRW, Inc. (primary contractor to U.S. Air Force for ballistic missiles)
Schriever, General Bernard A.
Intro (52K)
4-15-99 (94K)
Commander, U.S. Air Force Western Development/ Ballistic Missile Division

More transcripts are available from the alphabetical list above or from the complete list of participants.

Please note: Links on the following pages are active once the Oral History transcript is archived in the JSC History Collection.

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Transcript lists were last updated: Dec. 30, 2015

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