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S88-44346.jpg - Mike Fox performing the Heimlich maneuver on Dr. Phil Stepaniak in the KC-135 (1988) S84-37642.jpg - Mike Fox spinning astronaut candidate William Shepherd on Barany chair in Building 41 (1984) S85-25983.jpg - Mike Fox spinning Senator Jake Garn (Payload Specialist) on the Barany chair (1985) Mike Fox at the commissioning ceremony of George Dyson at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (August 2004) S87-40725.jpg - Crew of the Manned Test Support Group (1987); (L-R) Herb Foss, Glenn Lowry, Gordon Baty, Mike Fox, Chuck Shannon, Marv Griffiths, Larry Busch
Heimlich maneuver
tests in KC-135
Barany chair
Barany chair
Fox at Dyson
commissioning ceremony
August 2004
Manned Test
Support Group

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