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The JSC History Office work has been reduced and is now done on a case-by-case, more focused basis closely related to the desires of programs, projects and offices at NASA.

JSC cares deeply about preserving history for both public and internal use. We capture the history made every day on orbit and on the ground through extensive multimedia and imagery activities. Many of these images are available to the public through NASA websites and social media. In addition, JSC has a robust records management program which captures, archives and maintains vital records from all programs and mission support functions in accordance with federal law and records retention schedules.

Archives of JSC historical materials are continuously selected, preserved and made available to the public through a partnership with the University of Houston-Clear Lake that has not changed in scope or function. The primary JSC History Office work that has been realigned is proactive recording of historical interviews and gathering of other materials. That work can still continue and will be supported but only when the support is specifically required by agency programs and projects. The JSC History Office also continues to provide support to the NASA History Office, the primary office for maintaining historical materials at the agency.

Questions should be addressed to JSC Archivist, Mark Scroggins at 281-483-3044 or

Through the JSC History Portal, the History Office provides easy access to searchable, electronic files and resources such as the Center’s collection of Space Roundups (1961-present), Press Kits (Apollo through Shuttle), NASA Mission Transcripts (Mercury through Apollo Air to Ground transcripts), JSC News Releases from 1961 to present, and more than 300 space related websites and resources, such as links to NASA imagery and publications. The website is updated with new oral history transcripts at a minimum of four times a year. The Portal also provides access to the JSC History Collection.

Approximately 2000 hours of audio have been “rescued” since 1997 and all of the recordings are available to the public at the NASA JSC History Archives at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Saving these recordings is essential, because very few of the tape rescue interviews have been transcribed.

The JSC History Office and the University of Houston Center for Public History joined together to publish the Fall 2008 issue of Houston History magazine, dedicated to NASA JSC history between the years 1958 and 1978.

PDF version (7MB) of the magazine.

Houston History is published three times a year by the Center for Public History at the University of Houston.

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